Craig Mullins. You may know Craig from his popular books: Db2 Developer’s Guide, 6th edition and Database Administration: The Complete Guide to DBA. Craig S Mullins is president & principal consultant of Mullins Consulting, Inc., is an IBM Information Champion, and an IBM Gold Consultant for DB2. Craig has. DB2 Developer’s Guide [Craig S. Mullins] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. DB2 Developer’s Guide, Fourth Edition is completely revised.

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Craig S. Mullins – DB2 Developer’s Guide

With all that history aside, I am just looking forward to celebrating with family and eating a nice, juicy turkey! These functions can be used to generate names, addresses, credit card numbers, social security numbers, and so on.

Historically, Thanksgiving has been observed in the United States on various dates. In a mailbox and delivered by a postal worker.

Mullins Consulting, Inc. (Craig S. Mullins)

For example, you may use this option to mask data in a pre-production environment that was created by making a 1: Your webmaster has put past editions of this book to good use and considers the money well spent. The data in the database must be correct and proper after the transaction executes. That means no matter how many times you run the masking process you get the same mask values; the values are different than the production values, but they always match the same test values.

Here’s wishing you and yours a healthy, happy, relaxing Thanksgiving day! If my bank deployed dirty reads on its core banking applications I would definitely find myself another bank! And here is what that tip was: Because the hashing algorithm will always generate the same number for the same input value you can be sure that referential constraints are taken care of.


Mullins for knowledge of DB2 and clear presentation style. First of all, there used to be a software company called Platinum Technology, Inc. Other types of data, like names or addresses, are picked from a set of lookup tables. Such a capability is important to be in…. Published and Available to be Ordered: For those who do not know, data masking is a process that creates structurally similar data that is not the same as the values used in production.

The content of this blog is the opinion and thoughts of the blogger and does not necessarily represent the opinions of IDUG and should not be construed as reflecting official positions of the IBM Corporation.

Craig Mullins

Craig’s no-nonsense approach to DB2 topics could only come from the knowledge of having worked in the pits in-depth with DB2. Happy Thanksgiving Just a quick post today to wish all of my readers in the US and everywhere, really a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Consider the cgaig sequence of events: Programs that read Db2 data typically access numerous rows during their execution and are susceptible to concurrency problems.

Hope you all out there in Db2-land find the book useful. Oh, and I’ll probably watch some football, too Have you worked on a cool application or figured out a nifty way of managing your databases? Craig has three decades of experience in all facets of database systems development including developing and teaching DB2 and SQL classes, systems analysis and design, database and system administration, and data analysis and modeling.

If you want the ebook, it can be ordered from the mullisn link below. Mullins As a professional DB2 developer your days are extremely busy.

I found this work to be both a comprehensive tutorial on all aspects of DB2, and at the same time the most valuable reference book on DB2 for MVS. Really, it makes sense to mask anything that should not sb2 public information.


It has been in print for over twenty years in 6 different editions. Application programmers must understand how concurrency problems impact the access and modification of Db2 data. So the point of this blog post is just to commemorate the occasion, as t his month, Novembermarks the 30th anniversary of the first tip, which was mailed out to Db2 users in November Similar input values result in totally different generated values so the results are not predictable and the hashing function is designed to be non-invertible, so you cannot infer information about the original value from the generated value.

A transaction is an atomic unit of work with respect to recovery and consistency. Application programmers must understand how concurrency problems impact the access and modification of Db2 data.

I know I did In either case the resulting condition of the database will be a consistent state. ACID is an acronym for atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability. The input value is hashed to a number that is used as a seed for a generator.

The ctaig is calculated using the hashing algorithm, it is not a random number. Those of you who are regular readers of my blog know that I have written one of the most enduring books on Db2 called DB2 Developer’s Guide.