Completable empty = (completableSubscriber -> { The Completable API follows the concepts of the Reactive-Streams. Create, Lift and Transform. The Completable class has three additional standard helper interfaces, now becoming common with all RxJava. Creating a Single. Completable. Creating a Completable. Maybe. Creating a Maybe. RxCocoa traits. Driver. Why is it named Driver; Practical usage example.

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Is there another option that catches any Throwable the Runnable might throw? Sign in Get started. So you could create a Completable first and then convert it to Observable: An error event from this Completable will be propagated to the downstream subscriber and will result in skipping the subscription of the Publisher.

The Publisher must follow the Reactive-Streams specification. Returns a Completable that runs this Completable and switches to the other Completable in case this Completable doesn’t complete within the given time while “waiting” on the specified scheduler. Similarly, Throwable s signaled by source s after the returned Completable has been disposed or terminated with a composite error will be sent to the same global error handler. This is an alias for concatWith CompletableSource.

As a final thought, Cerate not sure if a hot Completable or a published Completable has any use cases out there, but let’s see how one can implement one if necessary. CompletableSubscriberthe main intended receiver for Completables. Returns a Completable that delays the subscription to the source CompletableSource by a given amount of time, both waiting and subscribing on a given Scheduler. Note that implementing custom operators via this lift method adds slightly more overhead by requiring an additional allocation and indirection per assembled flows.

Get updates Get updates. Returns a Completable that runs this Completable and emits a TimeoutException in case this Completable doesn’t complete within the given time while “waiting” on the specified Scheduler. We create cimpletable shared done indicator completale is set to true once one of the cmpletable notifies the teacher about its completion or failure. Returns a Completable that emits the a terminated event of either this Completable or the other Completable whichever fires first.


Single, Maybe and Completable. The first one to fail also wins – unlike in real life were failure is not an option. Regardless, what does it take to write such an operator for Completable?

Subscribes to this CompletableConsumable and returns a Disposable which can be used to dispose the subscription. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Meaning, we just want the onComplete event.

Like an Observablea Completable is lazy, can completabl either “hot” or “cold”, synchronous or asynchronous.

Returns a Completable instance that subscribes to the given Observable, ignores all values and emits only the terminal event. Single emits only one value and applying some of the operator makes no sense. Subscribes a given CompletableObserver subclass to this Completable and returns the given CompletableObserver as is.

Returns a Completable that subscribes to a limited number of inner Completables at once in the source sequence and delays any error emitted by either the sources observable or any of the inner Completables until all of them terminate in a way or another.

Advanced Reactive Java: The new Completable API (part 2 – final)

Now there is a CompletableSubject in RxJava 2. Many of them have overloads for varargs and Iterable sequences. The documentation over at ReactiveX goes on about continuous streams of events so much that we often forget we usually only care about observing just one event that happened or just observing that something completed or failed.

The following legend explains these diagrams: Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Creatte that the onFinally action is shared between subscriptions and as such should be thread-safe. Nonetheless, let’s see what each notable point does: Without it, there wouldn’t be any way of cancelling such subscriptions.

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Crewte of ccreate most common use cases for RxJava in Android is for doing network calls. Flowable, Single, Maybe and Completable.

Hides the identity of this Completable and its Disposable.

As within Reactive-Streams, the methods can’t throw any checked exceptions or unchecked exceptions other than NullPointerException. Introduction In this final part, I’m going to show how one can implement operators source and transformative alike.

Note that there is a race condition between a successful add and a cancellation coming from downstream which may leave the CompletableSubscriber attached. Returns a Completable which calls the given onError callback if this Completable emits an error. Worker is a Subscription and thus we can directly send it to the child CompletableSubscriber before scheduling the call to onCompleted.

Clearer RxJava intentions with Single and Completable

Concatenates this Completable with another Completable. CompletableSource Direct Known Subclasses: Subscriber and a rx. Observable can emit multiple items.

This doesn’t mean methods shouldn’t fail; it means methods should fail in the downstream direction. Wraps the given CompletableSource into a Completable if not already Completable.

Similar to the Reactive-Streams spec, when a terminal event is emitted, the aforementioned Subscription has to be considered unsubscribed.

Otherwise, RuntimeException s and Error s are rethrown as they are.