The enclosed software program and this manual are copyrighted. All rights are Darkside of Xeen) rolled into one, with two differences: One, your characters. The enclosed software program and this manual are copyrighted. All rights are . “Call me LordXeen, King of the World, for that is what I shall be in a very short. Links to resources for Clouds of Xeen, Darkside of Xeen and Worlds of Xeen. Xeen Cheat Codes, with instructions and codes for how to cheat in this game.

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Owned Buy now Pre-order now. I knew then that Roland was Undead, and that I could not defeat him. Brings up the Cast Spell window.

Using the Cube, he plans to land Xeen on his homeworld, Terra, and continue his rampage against the empire of the Ancients. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.

Readies a weapon, item, or armor for use. Prime statistic 13 or greater: Sorcerers and Archers may only cast Sorcerer spells. Intellect, Personality The Druid is a poor fighter. ChromeFirefoxInternet Explorer or Opera. Finger of Death Cost: You must make haste. Causes a gargoyle on the adventuring screen to wave its arm when the party approaches a thin wall. All Visible Monsters Shines the intensified light of the sun into all monsters in front of the caster, inflicting points of Energy damage on each monster.


Ninjas initially have a Thievery base of 15 and gain 2 points dagkside level. The next most important statistic is your character’s level. Just hit the R key and type the function key of the character you want to remove the first character on the left is number one or click on the remove icon and click darksde the portrait of the character you want to remove. To swap statistics, select the icon of the statistics you want to exchange.

Might and Magic: Darkside of Xeen

You can also receive bless- ings from the Clerics if you donate enough money to the temple. The Paladin can use any kind of weapon or armor, but his hit points tend to be lower than the Knight’s. This will highlight the manuaal of the monster, letting you know which monster is targeted.

Shows your character’s current level, maxi- mum level, and the number of attacks per round your character receives. World of Xeen Page 39 Danger Sense: As I rounded the first comer of the hallway, screaming for help,thechillblastofRoland’swintermagic narrowly missed me. Speed is a prime statistic for Ninjas and Rangers. Intellect, Accuracy The Archer is as good a fighter as the Paladin.

Luck im- proves your chances of surviving a hostile spell or avoiding a trap. A great magic shall take hold of Xeen then, and with much noise and light the two sides will join together as one, and never the twain shall split. Gnomes begin the game with the Direction Sense skill. If you are on the Clouds side, you will check-in at a desk.


Might and Magic: World of Xeen Manual (pdf) :: DJ OldGames

To the right of the numbers is a list of the ten classes of characters. The orb survives its fall to earth and is discovered by the adventurers.

Page 52 Town Portal Cost: Then select the Items option to bring up the Inventory Screen. The character will take the next mamual slot in your party. The skills do many different things ranging from improving your ability to hit to letting you detect secret doors. This skill allows your character to swim in xern as long as you are close to land.

The Knight cannot cast any spells. You can create, delete, add, and remove characters in your party here.

You will not be able to equip an item that your character’s class cannot use. All characters in the party must have this skill for it to work.

The initial preparations for the Prophecy have been flawless, and I anxiously await Queen Kalindra’s response to my request for her aid in the final Prophecy ceremony. Finally, if you make a mistake and create a character you don’t want, you can delete it. You can’t invite this user because you have blocked him. Posted August 08, This window darksode the time, date, year, and day of the week.