Items 1 – 50 of This free page booklet is full of practical advice and tips for improving your paper modeling. It’s written for paper modelers of all skill levels. Dave Graffam Models Collectors has members. This is a group for folks who collect (or just like looking at) Dave Graffam’s paper models. PnPG recommends three free PDF kits to download from Dave Graffam Models to make cardstock terrain for your tabletop wargames, D&D and.

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And if you prefer to tinker, pick up the PSD Photoshop files pack for this model. Dave Graffam Models adds to their paper terrain line with the release of their new Command Tent set.

With over kits to choose from, now is the time to stock up on your favorites. That’s going to be heavenly later.

Dave Graffam Models wants you to be able to fill up your gaming table with all the terrain you want. We acquired a license to produce and distribute Dave Graffam Models maps. Did someone have a helpfull tip for me? Sections of this page. New models are in the works, and I’ll be releasing each new set in two separate versions: These PSD packs contain all of the texture layers found in my PDFs, so if you’re a Photoshop user or Pixelmator on Mac there’s no easier way to kitbash your own unique designs.

Something fun for the kids? Most important is the giant stewpot of red beans simmering on the stove. Dave Graffam Models modells having a big sale over on Wargame Vault. GSD cutter files are included. My Top 9 Instagram photos from This model features multi-layered PDFs, offering lots of different “fabric” colors to match nearly any army, and optional medicine tent markings.


December 14 at 4: Solid State War is an explosive tabletop game of aerial combat, set in the near future where the world has gone to war over dwindling natural resources. Dave Graffam Models releases a ready to print Wizard’s shop, suitable for fantasy or davr settings: Forest Burns December 24 at Not sure if I’ll even use it for putting miniatures inside given how small it is in a normal terrain board.

Now would be a great time to get some of this printable terrain. As a bonus, the PDF grafram includes a 15mm-scaled version that fits on one page. Does it help stop fading in your opinion if you do?

I hope to release Hired Swords later this summer. The PSD Photoshop files pack is also available so you can get creative. Just practice for when I re-do some of the bigger projects. Is there anyplace online one could purchase some basic textures davw to the buildings?

December 8 at 4: These models provide grafdam quick and affordable way to populate your gaming table with top quality scenery.

Dave Graffam Models – Tabletop Gaming News – TGN

Along the way, you’ll select certain mercenaries to add to your stable, and when you have four mercenaries in your permanent crew you can attempt a final contract, the one that will make you a fortune and allow you to retire, or send your career crashing to a disappointing end.

Also nice for my next wharf themed terrain board.

I’ve got loads of models with multiple skins. In this game, you manage a crew of mercenaries and navigate the dangerous desert realm of Sohria. After a small hiatus due to a move and retooling, Dave Graffam’s models are once again available in Pre-Cut Print format. Other sizes, optional hexes or grids may also be available as custom prints — just contact us for details.


To assemble these components, all you’ll need are a few sheets of cardstock to print on, scissors, a hobby knife and ordinary paper glue. This is my latest Rake’s Corner release, a ready-to-print model with half-hipped roofs and 2 crates. The random nature of the cards and encounters in the Career Deck make every career unique, and give you fresh opportunities to explore this treacherous land.

The combat dice and maneuvering tools contain everything you need to determine the effects of your actions, so there’s no need to check charts and tables.

Dave Graffam Models has a new gaming map for you to play on.

Dave Graffam Models

It looks more solid from the outside just grzffam removing some of the cardboard warping. Available now on Wargame Vault From the website: Default layout shown below. Sam Pate December 21 at 4: Quick-reference sheets put all of the rules you need right at your fingertips. Hired Swords is currently in playtesting, and is designed to be a solo game.

I reinforced the walls with foamcore board and added s A nice, quick build that looks good and doesn’t take up a huge footprint on the tabletop. Dave Graffam had a moving experience It’s easy to print in one piece at your local shop, or in sections on your desktop printer.