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Dzya is enough to stay in places near to the foothills of ThiruvEnkatam. Here, Swamy Desikan refers often to the loftiness of Prapatthi as the easy to practice and unfailing means for gaining MokshAnandham. Not being able to look aloft, we hanker for silly and stupid things.

Daya Satakam Of Vedanta Desika

E will act as a corrective to the other. When even the high and lofty Lord of V] giri floats in the flood caused by you, my sins which inescapafo drowned will have to seek in vain for a helping hand to come to rescue and lift them up. By indicating that all these, even if they appertain to Brahma, get reduced to nothing on certain occasions and at certain times, the poet wants us to understand that, if this be the case with Brahma, how much more impermanent, nay, how much more evanescent, will be the power, fame and satzkam of others lower down in the hierarchy.

He is blessed with the eternal wealth of nithya kaimkaryam to the Lord.

‎Sri Vedanta Desikar Daya Satakam by R. Vedavalli on Apple Music

That is referred to in this sloka by the words Ava- matim and vindan. This is indicated by the words ” Soooribrindaanubhav yam ” and ” iha” Sooris satakkam the celestials in Paraniapada o: The other qualities will all help in securing for us the punishment we deserve. Ever fresh and lovely, He will appear more fresh and lovely than usual then. Valmiki describes Rama in one place as ” Prabuddha Neelotpala tulya darsanaha. Taking the constitution of the boat, a boat is made 6f planks rmly bound together by strong ropes.


Ssatakam aym to every being. This term has also been taken to mean a ‘ measure.

At the time of birth of the ChEthanam in this world, You prompt your Lord to cast His benevolent glances on the chEthanam.

Or it may be she is so very dear to the Lord because she gives us life. One has to surrender all that one has for sxtakam female spirits.

You have the vaibhavam that matches the fame of Sayakam GangA. The lungs must be functioning properly so that the difficult ascent involving a great strain on breathing may not have any adverse effect on the breathing process. The excellence of the Lord which surpasses all else sara bhogyaatisaayee was very well brought about by the previou sloka.

In the next sloka her rescuing us from, the sea of samsara and landing us safely at the feet of the Lord was referred to. You bless the chEthanams continually with Your flood of anugraham You do not have a place in Your heart for punishment. Desika refers to this saras or deerghikaa as Daya devi’s property or possession.

It is a mere optical illusion caused by th refractive effect of hot and cold air at a distance, very often simulatin] the appearance of water.

There are sev forms of archas or idols. Otherwise, dwya will burn down all things. Your Lord is the Master data that gigantic hill. Daya Devi helps in the process in two ways, one by egging Him on to protect the righteous, and satwkam by making Him weed out the wicked. So do the fortunate devotees of ThiruvenkatamudayAn, who await Your drenching downpour of Dayaa.

This sloka describes a Sessions Court and its workings in meticulous dsya. This is a way of punishing them. He must dispense justice to one and all. By saving persons who hav committed small sins you will not do justice to yourself an you will not feel satisfied. We can not pin point Him as being limited to desa, Kaala, Vasthu parameters. It is a metre with fifteen aksharaas in a paada Its lilting rhythm is a very pleasing feature of this metre. A long and lovely lake belonging to you shines glorious and effulgent in your pleasure-mountain, called Venkatadri It is beautified by a lotus in its navel.


All the chEthanams are Your children. He does however have intense desire to get close to the sacred feet of the Lord, who is the embodiment of dharmam.

A heavy downpour calculated to wash away the seed seedlings or to immerse the ripe crops in a deluge and prevent from being harvested can hardly be called helpful rain. The idea is that in Swayamvyakta the S is the Lord Himself as it is His will or Sankalpa alone that is n ponsible for that aavirbhava or appearance. All the years to come are not enough to experience the effects of my accumulated sins aga Okam asEsham anubahvithum AakAmi kaala: For instance, Brahma, Sivan sqtakam al have not yet attained Moksham inspite of their high ranks because they have not been blessed with Your Kataakshams.

The Lord’s looks as indi- cating His Sankalpa or will are there said to be the immediate cause of creation or projection of the world. The suggestion is that the Lord creates the dqya only because he is impelled by Daya to do so. These auspicious events happen because of the glories of Your KatAkshams. For some, You elect to help in a transparent fashion.

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Tire looks that caused destruction are day sloka to a dancer indulging in Aarabhati, a violent form e aghora-tandava. When their term is over as BrahmA or Sivan, they can undertake the upAyam of Prapatthi, gain your katAkshams and thereafter attain Moksham. He will simply be stunned at the freshness and loveliness of the Lord.