-Decret / de 21 d’octubre: requisits mínims d’habitabilitat en els edificis d’ habitatges i de la cèdula d’habitabilitat. – Normativa Urbanística metropolitana. Decret / de 21 d’octubre: requisits mínims d’habitabilitat en els edificis d’ habitatges i de la cèdula d’habitabilitat. – Normativa Urbanística metropolitana. Cèdula d’habitabilitat Certificat energètic

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For example, scrap collection has been, habtabilitat most cases, used as a full-time activity. In the current wave of budget and service cutting, some of them, such as health access, are being habitabilifat.

Another basic change is that first collective settlements, mainly in big cities, start to appear, such as the one in Fuencarral 5 Madrid inwhich was dismantled in The marginal activities outlined above take place, mainly, in the centre of the city and therefore, as Barcelona has been relying strongly in tourism and other related economic areas, there are strong discourses against these uses.

Un camino para ganar conocimiento. On the other hand, Romanian Roma population in this context is mainly composed by complete family units or couples with their children staying in Romania, and is not usually a migration of isolated families or people, but communitarian and quite linked with its kinship organization like Matrasp.

Some of the most extreme ones were related with the Murgeni population. They also bring scrap to home and make noise. El Periodico, 7 of February Other neighbour from the block explained that the urine smell in the stair is impossible to stand and all the neighbours refuse to clean it Aramburu, Mikel Los otros y nosotros.

Escala (element constructiu) – Viquipèdia, l’enciclopèdia lliure

In general, marginal economic activities are habitailitat and combined. As consequence of the negotiations for the UE expansion, the visa to travel to any country of Schengen space from Romania was suppressed under certain conditions Peetersp.

And the situation is comparable. Skip to main content. First, habutabilitat is important to point out that ethnicity is not a variable in Spanish official censuses, and therefore some data for instance the number of Romanian citizens registered in a certain territory do not allow estimations to be made.


Navegacio d’entrades

This invisibility affects, above all, the situation of a significant segment of this population in a persistent socioeconomic exclusionthat clearly implies specific characteristics regarding housing, mobility and marginal economic strategies, among others: The East European Gyspies. For example, summarizing the trajectory of a family during six months we observed 12 displacements and successive settlements that took place between five different municipalities.

Evidently, the first one is still active and also strongly politicbut the latter sometimes represents also an emergent process supported by the success of local constructions. La peor casa en el peor barrio.

However, I observed a change in that dynamic for some hanitabilitat groups: It is important to mention that, as it happens in other contexts, nomadism of migrant Roma population is a widespread discourse in Spain, among general population and politicians. Gamella, Juan Francisco We observed during fieldwork concrete examples of mobility and instability between different areas of the MAB.

Immigrant and Native Romani women: El caso de Badalona. Introduction and methodology Despite being quite unknown, Romanian Roma in the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona 1 Cataloniaas in the general Spanish context, have been often very visible in the media and the political agenda at a local level, while being deeply unknown at the same time.

For instance, just to pose two examples from fieldwork: It refers to the small boats pateras used by migrants to cross Gibraltar strait or reach the Canary Islands, alluding to the high amount of persons concentrating in the really small space available in the boat.

For instance, scrap collecting clearly another marginal strategy has not the same social consideration or has been regulated by the civic ordinance despite it is also developed in public spaces.

Again, certain ideas or discourses about mobility or nomadism may not always have a direct impact in management or concrete policies, but surely they are processes where culturalization plays a key role that support, strengthen or serve concrete interests, such as settlement control, evictions and the lack of integration policies. In a first period that goes approximately up tothe Roma that arrive to the Spanish state do so looking for an acknowledgement as political refugees and constituting a pattern of dispersed families more than of concentration in certain areas.

What is a ‘cèdula’, and should I rent a flat without one? | The Barcelona Instruction Manual

In this sense, there exists an important diversity regarding the origin countries of Roma population present in devret Spanish state, although a majority comes from Romania. Stefano Piemontese has also worked with Romanian Roma migrants in Granada, mainly on the subjects of Housing, mobility and education. Hqbitabilitat, it is important to point out that although there were other research contexts aside from Barcelona including a short fieldwork in RomaniaI have conducted research just in one territory of Spain.


As for the increment of Romanian Roma population, it was not as spectacular as the media pointed out, neither in total decet nor in proportion. In other words, and although there are multitude of specificities that is necessary to keep in mind, it is necessary to locate the analysis and the intervention in these situations in a wider context, in which a significant part of the Romanian 200 population is occupying the margins of a system that is not itself neither equal nor egalitarian.

Building alliances and developing shared strategies. Besides the limitations of space in this text, the main reason behind that decision is that their role in the construction of imaginaries about Roma migrants is, in my 15 opinion, less visible and articulatedwhen compared with other European contexts such as France: That does not mean that specificities of different Roma populations are not equally important, but that they get subsumed into a wider process of categorisation.

In any case, neither the combination of these strategies of subsistence is the same in different moments, nor do they have the same grade of acceptance or social rejection. Mugak, 43 [Online] Accessible habitabilifat Of the 8 different places in which they settled down for some days or during monthstwo were overcrowded flats and the rest were improvised camps or abandoned buildings.