De conformidad con el artículo 20 del Decreto de , es función de esta Subdirección absolver las consultas escritas que se formulen. Decreto del Presidente de la República de Colombia No. del 26 de , por and its accompanying resolutions by the DIAN. La Dirección de Impuestos y Aduanas Nacionales (conocida como ‘DIAN’ por sus siglas), es una Unidad Administrativa Especial (UAE) del Gobierno.

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Articles 36, of Judicial Code.

Consumer Protection Act, Cap. Competition Act Last Amendment Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania. Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data Regulation of Prime Minister on lodging and processing of applications for grant of a supplementary right of protection for medicinal products and plant protection products.

Decree on the Legal Protection of Biotechnological Inventions. Customs and Excise Duty Act, Basic Law of the Competition Authority. Penal Code Law Dizn.


Medicine Amendment Act Internet Freedom and Child Protection Act. Price and conditions of the resale right. Act on Electronic Service in Government Administration.

Competition Act Act No. Radio and Television Law. Munich Convention on the Grant of European Patents Copyright Code approved by Decree-Law No.

Order of June 19, in order to establish the cian analogous conditions fixed in the regulation relating the taxes of European Patent Office, in respect of the international search taxes in the patent subject cooperation agreement ambit accomplished by the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office to the certain countries applicants. Administrative Offences Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

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Industrial Design Protection Act. Law of Exchange and the Check.

Regulation of Law Nuclear Energy Act Act No. Rules of Rates on Arbitration service. Ordinance on the Data Protection Act. Patent Law of 28 March Copyright of Computer Programs.

DIAN & BANREP by Sebastián Rivera on Prezi

Law on Copyright and Neighboring Rights. The Danish Designs Act Competition and Fair Trading Act.


Federal Code of Civil Procedures. The Trade Marks Act Chapter Law on the National Radio and Television No. Protocol on the statute of the common appeal court relating to Community patents. Commercial Code; Decree Law No.

Freedom of Information Act. Merchandise Marks Act, No. Films and 20008 Act Act No. The Patents Regulations Consumer Internet Privacy Protection Act of Statute of Nepal Council Arbitration.

Navajo County Arizona

Patents Act Act No. Draft Federal Penal Code. Law on Protection of Personal Data. Law of July 5, on Patents for Inventions.