DentiMax is easy to set up and easy to use. All versions DentiMax software come with days of telephone technical support, a comprehensive manual. Unless you live “off the grid,” you know that technology is an excellent tool. In a dental practice, technology has eliminated many daily manual. Compare pricing for DentiMax against the competition. There is a help icon on the pages that allows you to get instructions on how to do a.

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Please don’t lock yourself into limited software.

So if you want the program to calculate the core copay correctly, you have to figure it out manually and adjust insurance estimate w on each and every core you ever key in. Updating your current dental software program to DentiMax may be less expensive than denntimax your annual maintenance and support fees Why is DentiMax Software priced so low? This Practice Management solfware is user friendly and offers many features.

There is a table of contents in the front of the guide that will point you to the page for the lesson you are searching for in the interim. Hi Lisa, I certainly appreciate your feedback and the opportunity to help you with the concerns you have voiced. You do have a couple integrated options for a clearinghouse, which allows you to choose the one that best suits your practice. Lisa from Quality Dental Services, Inc.

General dentistry Number of employees: We will be happy to contact you once it is completed to issue you an updated copy. We are here to assist with any future needs you may have as well!


Although there are decent features with this Program, there are so many that shouldn’t even be an issue. Dentimzx have to do oragami so the address on the Statement shows in the envelope window.

Also, you can absolutely send reports from DentiMax to excel without another product except for DentiMax and excel. Likes Best Good program and easy to talk to people at company. General dentistry July Call today or fill out the contact mannual below: This is an item on our enhancement list for our next version, and I appreciate your support of adding that feature.

A money back guarantee that is either published on the website or can be given to you in writing.

DentiMax Software Reviews – Page 3

Advice to Others Buy it. We certainly want you to be happy with each and every team member we have, so would love more feedback on this directly when you have the chance please.

It has capability to integrate with other sensors or intra oral cameras. Test try the software before buying.

We have been using Dentimax for over 3 years. So far, my experience with DentiMax has been nothing but good, so nothing so far. Every one at DentiMax manua very friendly and always willing denntimax help and see that you succeed. Pros Easy to understand. I have taken the course instruction-remote instruction-and I have had very good success with it.

DentiMax Dental Software User Manuals & Repair Guides – Fixya

It would be nice to have two years of tech support included in the package price, maybe that was offered, but I don’t honestly remember. An upgrade path to fully integrated clinical charting, perio charting, prescription writing and digital imaging software. Recommendations Get a package deal that includes imaging, charting and billing, seemlessly integrated into one platform. The statements are really good.


Upgrade Path An upgrade path to fully integrated clinical charting, perio charting, prescription writing and digital imaging software. The Scheduler, could we possibly make the Calendar a little smaller!!!!!!!

When we bought the software, we were told that it is integrated with electronic claim submission and electronic attachment submission. After talking with the training department, I am starting to understand it better, it is a bit more advanced and specific than what I am used to, but when it comes to money, I suppose that is a good thing, but that was the hardest part for me to try without training help.

DentiMax Software

DentiMax is very user-friendly and is very easy to follow. Donald from Technology, Process, Investments Specialty: So when your patient gets a statement from you, and their EOB copy, they can easily follow the two and ensure matching details.

Like most software companies do, we have previously worked with a third party service for texting for years. Richard from Richard S Nemes Jr. Our integrated attachments is as easy as clicking through a column of buttons that walks you through each step of adding an attachment to your claim.

Oral and maxillofacial surgery Number of employees: Daniel from general Dentistry Specialty: Recommendations Do your homework.