Julie Kenner is a USA Today bestselling American author of romance and fantasy novels. She also writes with the pen names J.K. Beck and J. Kenner. In (Sub)urban and Urban Fantasy series by NYT bestselling author @juliekenner. Demon-Hunting soccer moms & kick-ass women fighting the apocalypse!. Currently reading the Stark Series by J. Kenner.. I just bought book 1 of the # starkseries by j kenner. @juliekenner can’t believe I forgot about this.

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This is the book I have been seeking out since I first read the Fifty series. So, there’s a new sexy billionaire in town, And his name is, Damien Stark Heck, he didn’t even give her a nickname! I’m off to read Claim Me. Moreover, finally I found heroine who is able to accept gifts without winning and always talk about problems instead of ignoring them.

Release Me

In the beginning, I had a few doubts about him. Damien sees this and helps her with it. I am highly recommending! Uulie writes some amazingly hot sex scenes. At one of these pageants, Damien was a judge and Nikki briefly met him. The scenes are hot and sexy as fvck.


Julie Kenner

The Internet Writing Journal. D And some spanking: Nikki eventually opens up and bares her soul to Damien, confessing everything that has hurt her but Damien is much more of a closed book, keeping everything close to his chest.

She’s also quite smart and wanting to start her own company. Even with all these things I mentioned, I desattame enjoyed the book: I didn’t love or hate the characters.

An [image error] It was mediocre. As for the sex scenes; well, they were VERY hot and a little bit kinky but there really wasn’t that much BDSM involved as you might think, based on the genre it’s categorized under. Nikki and Damien they deserve their own haven their own It was really refreshing.

A sexy asshat, but an asshat nonetheless. And yes, this book is a tad similar to the Crossfire series Basically it’s all just for pleasure.

He can destroy his enemies but he does help and give to those he cares about. When said project goes belly up, she gets fired. Or will she be let down by her expectations in life once again I don’t know I mean Damien was very hot, and I did enjoy his character a lot. Luckily for me this author has managed to stay away from that over played stereo type!


Nikki is smart and you will find out how Nikki and Damien came to know of one another through this common bond kindred spirits and how all of this ties into the storyline.

SeduccionEntreLibros: Saga Stark – J. Kenner

I’ll never get tired of the bazillionaire who gets everything he wants julir easily except the one girl. But then, I began to see that beneath all that was a man, filled with dark secrets and controlling issues, but still retaining a sense of caring. He likes to have kinky sex, and he’s damn hot! Damien Stark is just one of those dark, quiet types.

Smart, vulnerable, broken, resilient, conflicted and determined.