In the introduction to his new book, “Destiny Disrupted,” San Francisco author Tamim Ansary tells a story about meeting illustrious British. Destiny Disrupted is not an academic history of the Islamic culture through the ages and Tamim Ansary doesn’t pretend to be to be Islamic Scholar. What Destiny. I’ve been wanting to read this book since around Forget, for a moment, that it wasn’t written until , and I only came across it at a.

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Destiny Disrupted: A History of the World Through Islamic Eyes by Tamim Ansary

Tamim Ansary does a great service writing very readable history in this book, Destiny Disputed: The Western businessmen, government agents and flying-carpetbaggers, along with a few armies here and there, got the Muslims signed up on the dotted line every which way. World History, says Tamim Ansary in his introduction, is always the story about how we got to be where we are.

Don’t have a Kindle? Bagi saya, penulis memang menumpahkan ideologinya dalam penulisan. One learns why the Abbasids and the Fatimids split, why they are named what they are named, what the Caliphate really is, how ludicrously preposperous the Crusades were, why the Muslim Brotherhood could be a force for wonderful social good, much like the YMCA in the West, why the industrial revolution happened in frigid and cramped England instead of Persia or China, why Turkey is often left out of the Muslim fold, and who the Chaldeans, Sassanians, Parthians, Amorites, Akkadians, etc.

Tetapi, buku ini boleh menyebabkan orang Barat yang mungkin tidak begitu mengenali Islam dan sejarahnya akan lebih mengenali Islam dan orang Islam sendiri akan menemukan kembali identiti mereka dalam sejarah dunia yang mungkin selama ini banyak digelapkan. They were annoying, like a swarm of mosquitos. However, I’ll freely admit to having done much more reading in American history than other topics.

For a comprehensive-but-approachable way to look at Ansary menceritakan dengan bahasa yang menarik mengenai perkembangan dunia Muslim, dari awal munculnya Nabi Muhammad di Hijaz, sampai efek di dunia modern saat ini yang berkembang dalam konstelasi geopolitik di bawah Amerika dan Eropa.

Book ratings by Goodreads. There were two big ones which turned the whole thing — one, I had barely heard of — this was the CIA coup in Iran which deposed the democratic modernist who wanted to nationalise the oil industry and installed a King who would give all the oil revenues away to American companies.

His book is a valuable tool for opening up a view of the other side.

The unabridged production runs approximately Kajian ini marak sebagai sebuah langkah preventif, dan juga evaluatif. Membaca karya Tamim Ansary ini helaian demi helaian dengan gaya penceritaan naratif bersulam ansray membuatkan kita tidak cepat bosan membaca sejarah.


Destiny Disrupted

For such a broad and sweeping attempt to introduce the Islamic view of the world to readers unfamiliar with it, it’s a perfect approach to engage while educating. Any mention of them in history class, if there was any, was a brief one about Desert Storm in A New History of the World.

Islam hanya menjadi satu topik kecil dalam 30 daftar isi buku sejarah dunia itu. Disupted banyak sisi negatif ditambah dengan keadaan tekanan persekitaran pada masa itu yang dikatakan penulis melahirkan seorang pemikir ekstremis seperti Ibnu Taimiyah. Sesuatu yang barangkali luput diperhatikan sebelumnya.

Mar 30, Akwhepworth rated it it was amazing. This community focus has had both positive and negative effects over the years. Ansary, who was born of qnsary Afghan father and American mother in Afghanistan and moved to the United States in high school, is very well-suited to act as a bridge for the two worlds for his readers.

This is the historical narrative of a particular civilization in a particular time, and it clashes and competes with alternate historical narratives told by people from outside our cultural milieu.

The vast majority of Muslims, even during the height of the Crusades, simply didn’t notice the West, which for most of Islam’s early history, was an impoverished backwater land of savage, squabbling kingdoms while the Middle East and North Africa was full of wealth and education and glorious cosmopolitan cities.

Tamim Ansary, however, sets out to tell the history of Islam ansarh Islamic eyes, not as an apologetic for Islam that ignores its less edifying historical episodes and its troubled present, nor as a Westerner viewing Islam as, at best, an exotically misunderstood Disruptdd tradition, and at worst, the religion of terrorists and oppressed women in burkas. Especially when people are looking for a comprehensive-but-approachable way to look at world history through the lens of Islam, there’s no better book.

But context is everything, and without it, we see the world only from our own very limited retro-active perspective.

Destiny Disrupted : A History of the World Through Islamic Eyes

This is a good, very accessible introduction to the history of Islam – or to the history as it looks from the viewpoint of the Islamic world a huge generalisation, I know, but so is the book. Description We in the west share a common narrative of world history. The overwhelming majority of Indonesians are no doubt moderate and tolerant, but there is no denying the fact that acts of violent extremism have increased disurpted and that at times, the perpetrators seem to have acted with impunity.

Pembacaan dimulakan dan ternyata ianya eisrupted mengasyikkan.

If you want to have more than a superficial understanding of how Sunnis and Shias split off from each other, and why India has been the location of so much Hindu-Muslim conflict, and of course, how the United States dedtiny from a modern nation Muslims admired and respected in the early 20th century to the Great Satan it is today yes, a big part of the reason is Israel, but that’s not the whole disruptd, and most of the rest of the reason is oil, but that’s still not the whole storythen you will get it here, but as the title indicates, this is a history of the world through Muslim eyes, and so the West really only comes into the picture towards the end.


Even purely positive events like Eisenhower backing the Egyptian bid to re-take the Suez Canal is cast in a terrible light i. Few Americans are sufficiently conversant with the history of the West, let alone Islam.

If you don’t really have a solid historical background Selamat menikmati dan mengulit sejarah, kerana sejarah sentiasa akan menjadi cermin terbaik buat kita untuk menempuh masa depan.

His history of Afghanistan, Games Without Rules, also self-narrated, is high on my to read list. View all 4 comments. So he doesn’t try to “sell” Islam and specifically calls out the cestiny revisionism of those liberal Muslims who today insist that “jihad” has never properly meant violent struggle against infidels — Ansary points out that yes it has, many anssary in historybut neither will he satisfy those of an anti-Islam bent who insist that Islam is fundamentally and inherently a religion of violence and oppression and intolerance of unbelievers.

Arnold Toynbee mahu bertemu dengan anak itu maka bertemulah Tamim Ansary dengan sejarahwan tua Inggeris itu. Ada enam gambar peta yang dikepilkan dalam buku ini yang menunjukkan bagaimana Islam berkembang di dunia ini bermula dari Masihi sehinggalah sekarang.

Berbalik kepada buku tulisan Tamim Ansary ini, beliau menyatakan antara sebab beliau menulis buku ini ialah apabila beliau melihat ada kelompangan yang agak besar setiap kali beliau membaca buku-buku sejarah dunia. Itu rasanya kali terakhir saya benar-benar bersungguh-sungguh membaca Sejarah. They made us learn a bit of history and cultural along with the language at DLI.

Long before Westerners colonized the Muslim world, Islamic empires ruled over large swathes of Christendom. With his seamless and charming prose, he challenges conventional wisdom and appeals for a fuller understanding of how Islam and the world at large have shaped each other. There are occasional mistakes I happen to know for a fact that the people living around the Baltic sea that the Northn Crusades anwary out aansary Christianise were not Slavs Or even Sunni vs.