Breath of Fire IV. After centuries of war, the two lands bordering an impenetrable swampland have finally reached an armistice. Mysterio.

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You will thank me later. Nina asks why this happens to her but later she decides to leave this scary area. Jump to the ground and get the sachet containing Magic Shard. Take the path leading southeast and continue in a detonaeo south direction ignore any paths branching off until you come across two chests.

Breath of Fire IV Part #53 – Chapter LII: Of Gods And Men

There is a portal opening to let them go into. But notice there is woman carrying a water pot on her head. Now when you fight her use Agni. What is next to come you brath.

Gobi will just take all your money and loan you the rest. You will not be able to go in the town until it becomes night so hang outside the town until it becomes dark.

She has a little more experience. Talk to it again and say I will it will accept anyone in the party as its apprentice after players have help the faeries build their first house detonaso the village.

Heal up and talk to it. Before you head in I suggest you buy a couple of herbs and antidotes.


This is a very useful ability and can allow you to pick up some valuable items that were once inaccessible. Use the snowball as the stepping-stone to reach the chest with zenny. After the room is done spinning, head to the left again.

This area is not too difficult to figure out so I suggest you try and figure it out for yourself. The big stone door in front of you is locked as you can see, there is a padlock there.

Breath of Fire FAQ/Walkthrough for Super Nintendo by Dark Vortex – GameFAQs

Walk up to it and move to the end of the extension. Back to the village againNina thinks about Ryu’s other half body is an emperor and what empire it is. Head out and go to Bleak. He doesn’t think it’s a weapon and he wants to study it. Follow this path until you find the exit to the cave. It’s got 40 Power Ryu’s current sword, the Dragon Blade, hasbut if you kill a whopping 1, enemies with it – that’s not just attacking 1, enemies, that’s delivering the killing blow to 1, enemies – it becomes the Slayer.

A girl comes in to explain the mechanism of the engine operating. If you die you will just end up in Carmen. The door is opened and an elder enters and wants Cray to follow him.


Average Special Ability: To arrange the cargo, use Cray’s action to push them to proper place and use Master to remove old barrels.

After that, they gather in the resting room and it seems the king has known everything. The escaping guard will be stopped by the meddlesome Wizard but not before he flies off.

The top one holds GP. Enter the house and the blacksmith is surprised of the party’s arrival. This rpg game fie not too hard to beat.

Mothro has very high evade so he will dodge most of your attacks. Walk up to the frog sitting on the throne. Bandage, 2 Herbs, GP Level: To leave, push the lower-left block over and fall down the hole. Anyway on to the walkthrough. The attacks that Frog uses deal fir than 10 HP damage for the most part. Just have Nina use the E.

Breath of Fire – Walkthrough

Head to Tantur and talk to the chief. Equip the Rod5 and the fishing bait to Ryu and fish out the Dragon Sword. Use the lower-left tile to proceed this time around.