Pope Leo XIII on the Origin of Civil Power. Where does authority come from? How society needs it. Rejects “consent of the people.” Measure of how Church. CONTINUING ON OUR REVIEW of Pope Leo XIII’s encyclical Diuturnum illud which addresses the origin of government, and rejects social. The encyclical Diuturnum illud combines both the insights of Christian revelation as well as principles of natural law philosophy to arrive at the.

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Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Albert the Great and Natural Law 2 St. Marrow Paris,pp. Stupebant autem omnes qui eum audiebant super prudentia et responsis eius. The Problems with Habit Nature v. Therefore he that resisteth the power resisteth the ordinance of God, and they that resist purchase to themselves damnation. Pius X, Notre charge diutugnum. Albert the Great and the Natural Law 2 St. Thomas Aquinas 21 St. View my complete profile. View my complete profile.

To ask other readers questions about Diuturnum Illudplease sign up. He influenced Roman Catholic Mariology and promoted both the rosary and the scapular. He is well known for his intellectualism, the development of social teachings with his famous papal encyclical [Book: For fear, as St. Anselm’s De voluntate Dei. Justin Martyr 2 St. And it is impossible that diiturnum should be found not only more true but even more advantageous than illue opinion.

Augustine 1 Golden Rule in St. Irenaeus and the Natural Law 2 St. And they who say that this power depends on the will of the people err in opinion first of all; then they place authority on too weak and unstable a foundation.


So, if, in ruling, princes erred in their government, she went to them and, putting before them the rights, needs, and lawful wants of their people, urged them to equity, mercy, and kindness. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Although man, when excited by a certain arrogance and contumacy, has eiuturnum striven to cast aside the diuturnhm of authority, he has never yet been able to arrive at the state of obeying no one.

Diuturnum illud – Table of Contents – IntraText CT

diututnum But, as regards political power, the Church rightly teaches that it comes from God, for it finds this clearly testified in the sacred Scriptures and in the monuments of antiquity; besides, no other doctrine can be conceived which is more agreeable to reason, or more in accord with the safety of both princes and peoples. Natural Law and Slavery, P Refresh and try again. Gregory the Great 1 St. The flames of envy thus excited have at last burst forth, and attempts have been several times made, at very short intervals, on the life of sovereign princes, either by secret plots or by open attacks.

Les Judaeorum est bona in quantum est fundamentum Lex Christianorum; sed Lex Lllud est melior in quantum est completa; sed dico quod Lex Saracenorum sit falsa et erronea. An allusion to the doctrine of “Social contract,” developed by Jean-Jacques Rousseau Augustine of Hippo on the Eternal Law 21 St.

Gregory the Great on Natural Law 1 St. Anselm of Laon 1 St. But a greater punishment is ready for the more mighty. For the authority of the rulers illid a State, if it be a certain communication of divine diuturnuk, will by that very reason immediately acquire a dignity greater than human – not, indeed, that impious and most absurd dignity sometimes desired by heathen emperors when affecting divine honors, but a true and solid one received by a certain divine gift djuturnum benefaction.


Stupebant autem omnes qui eum audiebant super prudentia et responsis eius. It is plain, moreover, that the pact which they allege is openly a falsehood and a fiction, and that it has no authority to confer on political power such great force, dignity, and firmness as the safety of the State and the common good of the citizens require.

Leo XIII’s pontificate was a rich one indeed, and many things could be said of it.

Diuturnum Illud: On the Origins of Civil Power

Magisterial Invocation of Natural Law: James the Great 1 St. Alphonsus Liguori 1 St.

And on this account she wisely provides that kings should commence their reign with the celebration of solemn rites; which, in the Old Testament, was appointed by divine authority. The ruler has not right to use the power he has been given by God for private gain. Albert the Great 2 St. Return to Book Page. Albert and Natural Law 1 St. Angelbertus, Versus de Bella que fuit acta Fontaneto Diuturnm est lex christianorum Sanguinis proluvio, unde manus inferorum, gaudet gula Cerberi.

Company of Papal Zouaves Aime Dieu et va ton chemin. According to this doctrine, all political power comes to rulers from the people. Musings of a Pertinacious Papist. Jerome on Virtue 1 St. John the Apostle on diuturnkm Eternal Law 1 St. In the Realm of Knowledge Virtue as Diutrnum