Registering your courses through GoArmyEd enables the Army to process your tuition You will be asked to read and sign a Statement of Understanding (SOU) . About your Army Tuition Assistance & GoArmyEd aspects of their education ( including recertifying their TA Statement of Understanding (SOU) for each term). If you are a new UMUC Europe Army student without a GoArmyEd account: select your degree plan, and turn in the TA Statement of Understanding (SOU).

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Degree Plan- A listing of all of the courses required by the school to earmju the Degree they are seeking. Select the “How to enroll into classes using Course Planner ” link in the Training Resources section for detailed steps to walk you through the remaining process to enroll in classes.

Will your class require significant fees not covered by TA? For detailed steps on enrolling using course Planner, select the link below: Go to your AMU campus and complete your registrations as you have in the past. This module includes seven topics: How Do I Register for Classes.

All active class enrollments will be listed on your GoArmyEd homepage. They will finalize an online portal called GoArmyEd that will be available on and after April 1, for active Army students to access and use for coordination of TA for college courses. What if I need to withdraw from a course. All soldiers are welcome to visit the website prior to April 1 stfor updates and information from the Army. Contact your Army Education Counselor for additional information on the VA Top-Up program and on other financial support that is available to you.

Enrolling in a Class How to Enroll Once you have found a class that advances you toward your degree and fits your schedule, budget, and instruction mode preferences, follow the printable step-by- step instructions found in the Course Enrollment Guide located on the Reference Documents Page in the GoArmyEd portal.


We think you have liked this presentation. Get your GoArmyEd log in and password.

Cost Instruction mode e. It is highly recommended that you print and follow the Course Enrollment Guide the first few times that you request TA and enroll in a class using GoArmyEd.

Based on your school’s election to accept credit card payment, you will either be directed to credit card screens or have a balance due directly to the school. If you are admitted to the class, you should receive an email from your college confirming your class enrollment. How to Enroll into Classes using Course Planner. Live Chat Support Software. Any of these words: Your college either accepts or denies the request.

Students using Military TA for tuition payment should register early and visit the GoArmyEd portal approximately 3 weeks prior to the start date of their course in order to ensure proper processing time. We recommend that students review the Extension Process and Policy section of the online Student Handbook prior to submitting a request to withdraw.

To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. Navigate to the Search Course Schedule page. Five Steps in 5 Minutes Close deals faster, more easily, more often! Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback.

Soldier – How do I enroll into classes using the Course Planner?

Auth with social network: Resolve any holds or recoupments on your account. Class Drops and Withdrawals. Existing students who have received tuition assistance with a undefstanding grade since October 1, AMU students who are considering withdrawal from a course may find that a course extension is an option that would allow them to complete the course and prevent a withdrawal.


From October through the end of Undestandinginstallation Education Centers will continue to issue TA for courses that begin prior to May and post grades as usual. Always read the Class Details before completing an enrollment transaction. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. You may also receive communications about the tuition balance due if TA does not cover the full cost of the class.

Depending on your tuition ceiling, semester hour cap, or other Army Tuition Assistance policies, you may have to pay the balance out-of-pocket. It is recommended that you use at least two search criteria.

Soldier – How do I know when my course planner is approved? Read portal messages and instructions that appear during the enrollment process.

Soldier – How do I enroll into classes using the Course Planner?

Are there any restrictions I should know about. Check your preferred email account for email communications. The following information has been created for our students using Army TA and is based on information from the Army Milper Message and an Army brochure currently in circulation.

You may search by category, course level, college using the campus drop-down menuinstruction mode, and class title. Registration Forgot your password? The following are instructions on the new registration process statementt both existing students eamryu new students at AMU:.

Create a Helpdesk case or contact your Army Education Counselor or College Advisor directly to assist you before enrolling in a class if you are unsure of which class to take and: