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God has created night for the lover to be secet and reflect on the righteousness of his beloved; and the lover surmised that he had created it for those who have worked for love to rest and sleep.

Escrivia l’amic aquestes paraules: So much the lover loved his beloved, that he believed everything he told him, and so much he wished to understand him, that he wanted to understand everything he heard of him through necessary reason.

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The lover loved everyone who feared his beloved, and he feared anyone who did not fear his beloved; and so it was wondered which was greatest in the lover: The beloved replied and said that, in creatures, love is the tree and loving is the fruit, and the hardship and sorrows are the flowers and leaves; and in God, love and loving are one and the same thing, without any hardship or sorrow.

And one wonders which of these two made the lover’s memory subtler in the strongest way in remembering his beloved. And they showed him a poor man who wept for love and was searching for a companion whom he could talk to about love. The lover drank love in the fountain of his beloved, in which the beloved washed his lover’s feet, who has often forgotten and neglected his principles; whereby the world is in failure. Turmentava amor l’amic per lo qual turment plorava e planyia l’amic.

The lover was asked for forgiveness for the love of his beloved; and the lover not only forgave, but he gave himself and his estate as well. The closer the lover came to the beloved, the more he was tormented by love, since he felt greater love.

El llenguatge secret de les flors: Vanessa Diffenbaugh: : Books

Love gave herself to whoever wanted her; and since many men did not want her, and the people were not greatly in love, she was free of them, hence the lover cried out for love, and love blamed his beloved. Plorava l’amic e deia: I want everything of you, so that I have everything and everything is in me. The lover was asked what thing was furthest from his courage; he answered it was neglect.


Remember the dishonor that my beloved is given by those he has honored so much. The lover said to his beloved: The Book of the Lover and the Beloved offers you a moral metaphor for every day of the year which, according to Ramon Llull, is enough for a full day of reflection on the wonders of God. The lover said to his beloved that many were the paths by which he came scret his heart and he appeared in his eyes, llengutage many were the names by which his words could call him; but the love that he enlivened him and mortified him with was one and only one.

The lover wished for solitude, and he went to llengjatge alone to have the company of his beloved, with whom he was alone among the people. The lover said that innate science comes from will, devotion, prayer; and acquired science comes from study, understanding. With love, thoughts, plants, cries and se, he constructed it; and with pleasure, hopefulness, devotion, he adorned it; and with faith, justice, caution, fortitude, temperance, he garnished it.

Who is the most lss, the beloved in the lover, or the lover in the beloved? He did this every day; and he put new ideas in his prayer in order to compose in many diverse ways the Book of the Lover and the Belovedand that those compositions were brief, so that the soul could experience many of them in a short time. The lover was asked what love was born from, and what it lived out of, and what it died for.

The lover was sleeping while reflecting on the trouble and the impediments he ran into to serve his beloved, and he feared that his work sceret die out because of those impediments. And thereby his eyes cried and his soul was in sadness and pain.

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Encontraren-se l’amic e l’amat, e dix l’amic: The lover praised and loved his beloved for having created him and given everything to secdet and he praised and loved him because he was pleased to have taken his resemblance and his nature.


And when he was with the beloved, he gazed at him with sweetness and pleasure; then, the beloved descended him to this world, so that he could gaze at him in anxiety and pain. You are solace, my beloved, of solace; because I console my thoughts in your solace, which is solace and comfort of my sorrows and my tribulations, which are distressed in your solace when you do not console the ignorant with your solace, and when you do not more strongly engage those knowledgeable of fkors solace to honor your principles.

Fa l’amat a son amic tres semblants scret si mateix amats, en honraments e valors. E com l’amic tornava en la companyia de rl gents, desemparaven-lo totes les coses damunt dites, e estava l’amic tot sol enfre les gents.

The beloved answered the lover, and he said that without such habits and nourishments his name would not be written in the book where all who come to eternal blessing are inscribed, and whose names are deleted from the book where those who go to eternal damnation are inscribed. The lover cried for that which he had lost; and he could not be comforted by anyone, since what he had lost was unrecoverable.

Eecret answered that had he not had mercy, he would not have enamoured the lover, neither would he have tormented him with sighs, weeping, hardship, and sorrows. In the jail of the beloved were misfortune, danger, sadness, dishonor, strangement, so that they would not hinder his lover from praising the beloved’s honorings and from inspiring love in the men who had him in despise.

The lover was going through a city like a mad man, singing of his beloved; and people asked him if he had lost his llenguagte.

The lover was crying, and he spoke to his beloved in these words: