Elasticos intermaxilares – Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Elásticos intermaxilares! Existem muitas indicações e variações, seja para movimentação ou para ancoragem, os elásticos intermaxilares na ortodontia. EFICACIA DE LOS ELÁSTICOS INTERMAXILARES EN EL TRATAMIENTO DE ORTODONCIA. Public. · Hosted by Dentoshop. Interested.

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Plate sections are opened up fan-like. The perfect fit provides a better adhesion to the tooth. Single buccal tubes can be delivered on large bondable pads on customer request. Adicionalmente recomendamos utilizar brackets con morfologia redondeada en los extremos de la ranura como por ejemplo el bracket QuicKlear de Foresta dent. Los cortes intermedios en la rosca proporcionan mayor estabilidad en el anclaje.

Right Left Right Left B B B B 1. Outstanding characteristics for better and faster results: Activation is accomplished by bringing it occlusal and tying it to the anterior segment attached to the four incisors. These buccal tubes are distinguished by great- er patient comfort and enhanced convenience for the practitioner: Eur J Orthod, Louis, Missouri Phone: We strive to create the best in the products we build, just as our customers intermaxilarfs to create perfect treatment results.


NiFree bondable pad The NiFree bondable pad is a flat all- round pad featuring a base. William Clark is one of the most popular functional appliances for Class II, division 1 malocclusion treatment. Cuatro puntos redondeadas de intermaxilages en el slot reducen los efectos de “binding” y “notching”. Through the special self ligating wings the archwire can be easily inserted from the occlusal. Tulip buccal tubes Tulip buccal tubes The new Tulip buccal tubes owe their name to inetrmaxilares tulip- shaped entrance funnel.

El arco exteri- ellasticos del lado a distalizar queda con su longitud original.

elásticos intermaxilares – English Translation – Word Magic Spanish-English Dictionary

Management of Open Bite Malocclusion. Las bases Big Foot son adaptables a la superficie del diente.

Multi-sector screws Tornillos de multisectores Order No. Patent US 6, 8. An abutment is placed on the screw head, to which the appliance is welded.

Wire bending pliers Alicates para doblar alambre Order No. The ortho- dontic treatment will be completed faster. The snap function prevents unwanted reversing.

Special notches on each side of the pad make removing easy and safe. Rolf Faltin et al. This makes the spindle snap into an ideal position for reactivation and locks it. But keep in mind: Los arcos vuelven a su forma original de forma fiable.


Right Left Cases Caso Variation Cases 3 Slot. Ligaduras preformadas cerradas, revestido de color de diente, utilizables como Powerhook. The high quality finish makes it comfortable for the patient and guarantees excellent aesthetics. Feature The Roth system offers canine brackets with tooth-coloured hooks. Wider clip for improved transmission of rotation, angulation and torque. Trabajamos para pacientes satisfechos que manifiestan su agradecimiento con una sonrisa perfecta.

All around the world our customers have interaxilares deep appreciation for the profession they practice and for which they require the best products to practice with.


Fast, discreet, more comfortable than ever before. The gentle approach with copper, nickel and titanium DuoForce archwires are made of a copper-nickel-titanium alloy. Maximised bond strength thanks to hook- based design. The long axis scribe line allows a better placement along the clinical crown.