Tinker has ratings and reviews. Barbara said: Notes on the first half:I’m having problems with this, mostly related to my reading as a writer. Project Elfhome – () Collection of novelettes and short stories from the Elfhome series; Steel City Magic – Science. Elfhome [Wen Spencer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. # 3 in the groundbreaking, award-winning Elfhome series. Pittsburgh, PA has.

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All political ties are fraying.

No one dies, no one is hurt among the “good” guys. I loved that Tinker is a smart, resourceful, courageous character. They come together like a mosaic, little pieces creating a greater picture. I’m almost tempted to say that maybe the story would have been better off without the “romance”.

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Oh, and then she finds out that it wasn’t just that stole her humanity, but now she is also his wife, but it’s ok because she loves him. Spdncer suppose I just feel there’s something not quite right with all this talk on China and Japanese mythological creatures.

Wolf Who Rules Elfhome, Book 2. Wwn those addicted to this universe these stories flesh out events ongoing before elfnome during the core novels – Tinker, Wolf Who Rules, Elfhome and Woodsprites.

I know some people liked her, and to each her own. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. Elfhome is the third book in the series. I particularly like that the lead gal Tinker is super smart, quirky, loyal and honorable. Just because, as far as I could tell. Stormsong snatched the headset off Chloe.


Wen Spencer – Wikipedia

And she’s pretty damned independent, not taking shit from d-bags like the person Nate turns out to be – I suppose I should be “sorry” I spoiled it but given that Police Officer Nate who has known Elfome since she was a tween at one point attempts to rape Tinker and admits he’s been lusting for her since she was like 12 – BIG FAT Rlfhome. Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

As I read on, however, I found myself being more and more detached from Tinker. Geez, this was SUCH a disjointed read! Aside from the whole insta-love thing especially on Windwolf’s part and Tinker’s dallying around with Nathan and Windwolf which I can understand but can’t exactly respect.

So, yes, breaking her arm was spenecr very bad thing. Wen Spencer deserves the awards. Years and years ago, I discovered Wen Spencer.

Or at least, she tried; it was like trying to move a tree. The pseudoscientific set-up is actually sort of interesting, and there was potential in the interdimensional relations aspects of having a piece of the United States on foreign soil, but these things are ignored ewn favor of transformative! She also owns a junk yard, has just recently turned eighteen, and is a bit distrustful of the government because of a patch of being young without speencer legal guardian.

Good God, this is vile. I did read that one all the way through, because there was a valid reason for him to be changed, and because the way the story dealt with someone losing his physical self and losing that spehcer worked for me.

She’s a super brilliant genius virgin but of coursewho one day meets this elf, WindWolf, who is nearly killed.


Elfhome Books by Wen Spencer and Wen Spencer from Simon & Schuster

She hissed as pain flashed through her right arm. The fight training, though, was slowly winning him over.

You’ve got the impossibly gorgeous long-haired Nordic-type elves, who have kind of a crap political system I give Spencer credit, the elf social system gets some criticismwith whom our heroine allies herself, not entirely by choice again, good for Spencer, I like uncertain and equivocal alliances.

There, that was vague enough without lying. Wen seems to come up with very unique story lines. As a compromise, the gate is shut down for one day a month, pulling Philly Pittsy back and allowing trade and diplomatic relations between humans and elves.

Project Elfhome

Or is this a male-only club? While we all hate exposition, I think a little more context allowing the audience to understand what things were would have helped, or even just drawing out the scene a bit longer to allow for better descriptions with, yes, exposition added. In this book, Pittsburgh goes from Earth to Elfhome every 28 days because of a gate between the worlds.

Excerpt from Chapter One: Those stores were holding steady because most Pittsburghers had small gardens and currently were up to their armpits in zucchini and tomatoes.