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I could easily write a cop-out, only-read-Playboy-for-the-stories type of review here. I was afraid of attempting to read another French book which had served as the basis of a film I had liked. View all 5 comments. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the film based on the novel. What’s beautiful is not what’s bare, but what’s baring itself. This semi-autobiographical novel written emkanuelle pen name of Emmanuelle Arsan emanuellle genres of erotica and literary erotica.

Emmanuelle (novel) – Wikipedia

Although the formal date of publication is usually given asthe novel was actually first published and distributed clandestinely in France, without an author’s name, emanuflle Notice the missing ‘m’ in the title, that was so smmanuelle wouldn’t be sued by the original film’s producers.

As for the book, it cannot be considered purely erotica since most of the second half dabbles in philosophy. The difference could be said that such a native does indeed know what to expect. During the ride, Emmanuelle demonstrates her new-found freedom by removing her top and then fellating Mario in public.

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Emmanuelle Arsan

Sep 17, S. She also gradually shifts between her awareness of those who she feels might be able to teach her more and those who she doubts capable but somehow prove themselves to her in ways that she tests against her own boundaries of knowledge rather than just comfort.


And so we come to the book Emmanuelle.

Emmanuelle Emmanuelle 1 by Emmanuelle Arsan. It is a little like hearing “The Blue Danube” waltz and being able to think only of Emmanuelle seduces her and the two women make love, first in the shower and then in Emmanuelle’s bed. This section was part of a larger philosophical ranting that encompassed half of the book.

In this way the book is presented as if it is all about learning and growing consciousness.

Emmanuelle is a philosophy of sexuality rather than a simple erotic novel, to be classified in the same category as Sade. It was merely the expectation of my parents to not speak emmanuellr certain things in mixed meaning outside the family company.

The three plunge into the back streets of Bangkok.

Ultimately I have to ask under whose guidance can such a philosophy be a liberation rather than a transfer of power from one oppression to another? From the point of view of literature, this novel is mediocre.

Then later she wanders the plane and a big strong man stops her and fucks her. The seesawing of these eras was not something I could openly identify.

Individual choice requires some guidance about how emmanue,le say the rate of change that you are subjected to as much as which behaviours or experiences you would prefer to keep within specific circles, or not have for yourself at all.

The only merit of this book is the depiction of the moral climate of the high-class milieu it portrays.

Other books in the series. Who is the appropriate guide for any particular person at any particular age, if not the person who does introduce them or initiate them to a new understanding of the world? There is no single rulebook, despite the sense of dictatorship that so many people seem to carry around within themselves.


Throughout the book Emmanuelle is constantly fed by others as being somehow made for the role they expect her to fulfil for them, as much as on her own behalf or for her own edification or enjoyment. But in between the interminable and boring philosophical blather from Mario, the action becomes much more rapey and creepy than could possibly have been represented in memanuelle movie.

It is a fairly popular classic French underground novel. Not the sound of laughter, but the throat that’s laughing. The society that welcomes it is rich and idle; fidelity is seen as an amusing eccentricity, chastity as a shocking arsqn.

Il cinema di Ovidio G. Her beaverish front teeth are an absolute turn-on.

Emmanuelle Arsan – Wikipedia

The first “Emmanuelle” film, made in c. Mario comes off as a pretentious windbag who takes up a lot of pages. To ask other readers questions about Emmanuelleplease sign up. A little sex and pages of talky nonsense. The idea of a thirteen-year-old Ophelia acting as a mentor to a married woman turned my stomach. Far too much talking, of course pages of tortured philosophising about pleasure and the joys of hedonism.

That change was partly due to the Vietnam Warwhen thousands of off-duty U. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. But he would have preferred something else. Bywhen J.