Vacas multiparas produjeron 8,2 kg/d (25,5%) mas leche en el transcurso del Conclusion: la aplicacion de la politica selectiva de episiotomia fue exitosa. en el a.n.e. se utilizaban cuerdas de intestino de vaca, para el cierre de .. Suturas continuas versus interrumpidas para la reparación de la episiotomía o. El experimento 1 se realizó durante el mes de mayo con vacas de parición de verano, que al inicio del ensayo se encontraban en el cuarto mes de lactancia.

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The risk was higher for: The patients were remarkably unaffected symptomatically on admission English Case Report Form.

Meaning of “parición” in the Spanish dictionary

The patterns we describe are compatible with the idea that C-sections are largely done to suit the doctor’s schedule. Vaginal health in contraceptive vaginal ring users – A review.

Vaginal cultures are used to establish the predominant offending organism associated with vaginal discharges and may be used as a guide for selection of a therapeutic agent. In the non-industrialized countries of Africa and Asia obstetric fistulas are more frequently caused by prolonged labour, whereas in countries with developed healthcare systems they are generally the result of complications of gynaecological surgery or, rarely, benign pathologies like inflammation or foreign bodies.

Abnormal vaginal bleeding is different from normal menstrual periods. Ischiorectal abscess and ischiorectal- vaginal fistula as delayed complications of posterior intravaginal slingplasty: CT demonstrated posterior fossa epidural hematoma in three patients with head trauma in whom this diagnosis was not clinically apparent.


To investigate the association between type of delivery and immunoglobulin concentration in maternal colostrum. At 2 months’ followup, there were no recurrences or other complications. Vaginal hyperplasia is detected during proestrus or estrus of young bitches. For histological assessment, the density of collagen and elastin fibers was determined by combining high-resolution virtual imaging and computer-assisted digital image analysis.

At surgery removal of the cap was difficult and at the end of the manoeuver evidence of a huge urethro-vesico- vaginal fistula occurred.

Aerobic vaginitis in pregnancy. Help dpisiotomia similar searches: English OK, that’s one case report. Evaluation of retro-cervical space on MRI after vaginal opacification. The study sample consisted of women who had a normal vaginal delivery. Type III meshes have been mostly used with this technique. In fact, the most common reason for the diagnosis of vcas urethral valves presently is the evaluation of infants for prenatal hydronephrosis.

Also in contrast to bacterial vaginosis, aerobic vaginitis produces a host immune response that leads to high production of interleukin-6, interleukinbeta and leukaemia inhibitory factor in the vaginal fluid.

It is important to be careful while diagnosing because the treatment episitomia AV differentiates from treatment of other vaginitis. From professional translators, enterprises, web pages and freely available translation repositories. To evaluate the influence of dietary intake during gestation on postpartum weight retention.

PARICIÓN – Definition and synonyms of parición in the Spanish dictionary

Aerobic vaginitis AV is an alteration in vaginal bacterial flora that differs from bacterial vaginosis BV. I was like, “Cow tipping?

To compare vaginal delivery hospital and traditional care systems to identify resources and practices, as well as maternal and neonatal complications related to each system. Parametros reproductivos del ganado vacuno en la cuenca episiotmia de Lima. This article leads to a reflection about the practices of encouraging normal childbirth, with the theoretical foundation for each one of them.


Pruritus vulvae; Itching – vaginal area; Vulvar itching; Yeast infection – child The vaginal laceration of about 5 cm on the right side of the posterior fornix was sutured The mean dose to the vagina was lower by 5. We report a case of uterine prolapse in a young woman, vacqs by posterior intravaginal slingplasty with preservation of the uterus as a feasible and safe surgical procedure.

Episiotomy for vaginal birth.

Drugs Approved for Vaginal Cancer. The results of this study are congruent to reporting in the world literature.

In multiparastraverse times increased as birth weight increased from 5-to 8-cm dilation, for both vaginal and cesarean deliveries P less than. The aim of the present study was to compare clinical and radiological findings when assessing posterior vaginal wall prolapse.

Restrictive episiotomy was associated with more anterior perineal enn RR 1. Clinical observation of a modified surgical method: No correlation was observed between pelvic floor muscle strength and the second stage or the total length of labor. The diagnosis was made according to clinical symptoms, wet smear, and culture. Vulvar and vaginal cancer.

A total of samples from women who presented with vaginal symptoms was examined.