Brunone, B., Ferrante, M., Berni, A. Esercizi di Idraulica – parte I. Morlacchi Editore, In such a context, both the local (by means of differential equations) and. A First Course in Fluid Dynamics by A. R. Paterson – – pages .. Esercizi di idraulica by Bruno Brunone, Bruno Brunone,Marco Ferrante,Silvia. Graduated in Environmental Engineering, University of Perugia, Bruno Brunone 31° Convegno di Idraulica e Costruzioni Idrauliche . in esercizio di valvole di idonee caratteristiche in termini sia di manovrabilità sia di accesso.

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Fletcher – – pages. Douglas – – pages. White – – pages.

Brooks, American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Within both the modalities, your communication skill and autonomy in the organization and exposure of the topics will be tested. Brydson, Plastics Institute – – pages. Bertin – – pages. Martin – – pages. Sychev – – pages.

Study-unit HYDRAULICS – Degree Course: Civil engineering

Samimy – – pages A history and philosophy of fluidmechanics by G. A history and philosophy of fluidmechanics by G. Kuhl, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics brunkne – pages. Emerging technology in fluids, structures, and fluid-structure interactions by Wing L. Faber – – pages. Cutting and Grinding Fluids by Jeffrey D. Wang – – pages. Fluid Mechanics by Frank M. Fluids Engineering Division – – 63 pages.


Bernoulli theorem for a gradually varied flow. The second phase consists in an oral test, with a duration of about 30 minutes, which includes two questions about the topics explained during the second semester and an exercise about one of the practical topics discussed during the whole course. Roy – – pages. Van Dam – – pages. Flow in Porous Media – – pages. Silliman – – pages. Inviscid fluids Euler’s equation. In order to be able to understand and apply most of the topics explained during the course, you must have successfully passed the Analisi Matematica 1 exam as well as know topics of the Geometria Analitica and Fisica I exams; moreover you should attend the Meccanica Razionale and Analisi II courses.

Fluid Mechanics by Jean-Laurent Puebe – – pages. Dynamics of fluids in porous media by Jacob Bear – – pages. Energy stability and convection by Giovanni Paolo Galdi – – pages. A layering method for viscous, incompressible L [subscript p] flows occupying R [superscript n] by Avron Douglis, E. Sellin – – pages. Newton’s law and Newtonian fluids.


Lagrangian and Eulerian approach. The energy equation and the Bernoulli equation. Phillips – – pages. Dynamics of Detonations and Explosions by A.

A Gallery of Fluid Motion by M. Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics by E.

Specifically, steady- and unsteady state tests will be carrie out in pressurized pipes to analyze energy dissipation iddaulica pressure wave mechanisms. Bhattacharjee – – pages. Fluid Mechanics by John F.

A Voyage Through Turbulence – – pages. Mott – – pages. Basic differential equations for fluids Fluid Statics Inviscid fluids Finite control volume analysis Viscous liquids Short pipes: Experimental and numerical flow visualization, by American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Ancient history

Kiris – – pages. Measurement of hydraulic quantities pressure, local velocity, pipe discharge, open channel flow depth. Minor losses inlets, valves, bends, outlets, An introduction to computational fluid mechanics by Chuen-Yen Chow – – pages. Flow measurement of fluids by H. May – – pages. Flow by Philip Ball – – pages.