A very important source for the history of Arabic and Arabic literature. It also contains a great deal of information about Syriac and Syriac. bibliography of its time, the Fihrist al-Ulum–“The Index (or catalog) of the Sciences. full name, Abu al-Faraj Muhammad ibn Abi Ya’qub Ishaq al-Nadim. The Fihrist of al-Nadīm. A Tenth-century survey of Muslim culture. Bayard Dodge Mālik ibn Anas — 2. Abū Ḥanīfah — 3. Al-Shāfi’ī — 4. Dā’ūd ibn ‘Alī — 5.

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Ibn al-Nadim – Wikipedia

Ibn al-Nadim often mentions the size of a book and the number of pages, so that buyers fihristt not be cheated by copyists passing off shorter versions. Then we have books of wisdom and admonition by the Persians and others, including many examples of Persian andarz literature, e. Text editions and translations. An understanding of these four chronological principles helps to interpret the work and the ideas behind it.

In a library in Mosul he found a fragment of a book by Euclid and works of poetry. Harbi al-Himyari Ja’far al-Sadiq. Some scholars regard him as a Persian Gray, p.

FEHREST – Encyclopaedia Iranica

Was the author of the Fehrest in Constantinople in A. His father, a bookdealer and owner of a prosperous bookstore, commissioned al-Nadim to buy manuscripts from dealers. In the preface Al-Nadim navim his book as: Others among his wide circle of elites were Ali ibn Harun ibn al-Munajjim d.


This reduction in the number of Manicheans in the capital of Islam almost to the point of disappearance nadjm his account of them to become a work of scientific-historical dimensions. The Fehrest contains miscellaneous pieces of rare information.

The Ash’arites being called al-Mujbiraharsh criticism of Sab’iyya doctrine and history, and an allusion to a certain Shafi’i scholar as a ‘secret Twelver’, suggest al-Nadim’s possible Twelver religious affiliation.

The same chapter contains descriptions of Manichaean p. Bayard Dodge [n 2] [18].

Some information about the sources of the Fehrest may be extracted from the book itself. Akademie der WissenschaftenPhil. The chapter devoted to what the author rather dismissively calls “bed-time stories” and “fables” contains a large amount of Persian material. References to sources in Iranian languages. Monnot, Penseurs musulmans et religions iraniennesParis Privacy Policy Add Comment.

Several other books of similar nature are named. InIbn al-Nadim began compiling the catalogue, al-Fihristas a useful nadiim index for customers and traders of books. Topic select a topic Kitab al-Kimya Kitab al-Sab’een Picatrix. Monnot, Penseurs musulmans et religions iraniennes: Rihrist account in fihriwt Fehrest is the most extensive, varied, and reliable non-Manichean description of Mani and his teachings, and it is of the highest value for research on Manicheism even after the discovery of numerous Manichean original sources.

The shorter edition contains besides the preface and the first section of the first discourse on the scripts and the different alphabets only the last four discourses, in other words, the Arabic translations from Greek, Syriac and other languages, together with Arabic books composed on the model of these translations.


He was Arab perhaps of Persian nqdim. Much known of al-Nadim is deduced from his epithets.

Ibn al-Nadim

Elchasaios Sundermann,pp. December 15, Last Updated: Of unique value, at least as long as the Coptic corpus remains unpublished, is the information on the letters of Mani and his students tr.

The proposal of Maricq, pp. Compare the Stichometry of Nicephorus. The first principle is apparent in the sequence of the five portions of the text: The Fihrist testifies to the great wealth of knowledge disseminated in the literature of the Islamic Golden Ageranging in breadth, historically and geographically, from the modern to the ancient civilisations of SyriaGreeceIndiaRome and Persia.

The physician Ibn Abi Usaibia nadm.

The last four discourses focus on the Arabic translations from Greek, Persian, Syriac and other languages, together with books composed in Arabic on the model of these translations. The Fehrestintended to be a catalogue including all books, lecture notebooks, papers, etc. Instead its parts were constantly re-arranged, enlarged and corrupted by the following generations. The claim that al-Nadim was Isma’ilion the grounds that he met an Isma’ili leader and attended a meeting, is not borne out.