Many translated example sentences containing “fractura de húmero proximal” – English-Spanish dictionary and search engine for English translations. Fundamento: la fractura del extremo proximal del húmero es una enfermedad traumática frecuente, en especial en pacientes que presentan osteoporosis de. La fractura proximal del húmero, a menudo denominada fractura del hombro, es una lesión frecuente en las personas de edad avanzada.

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Treatment of the fracture with closed reduction and percutaneous k-wire fixation.

Proximal Humerus Fractures

Discussion Injury to the axillary artery as a consequence of fracture of the neck of the humerus is an infrequent complication []. An axillary-brachial bypass graft was performed to reestablish flow on the right arm with a reversed left saphenous vein interposition graft end to end anastomosis Figure 4. Reverse total shoulder arthroplasty for the management of fractures of the proximal humerus: Beacuse of the emergent management, no fasciotomy was indicated at that point.

Entire humeral head except posteroinferior portion of greater tuberosity and head.

Fixation of proximal humeral fractures with a minimally invasive technique using locking plates represents a valid surgical approach. A CT scan of the shoulder shows 1cm of posterior displacement of the tuberosity fragment. Am Acad Orthop Surg; In addition to an AP radiograph, what additional fdactura studies would you obtain to dictate treatment? Preoperative angiography is not only important to make accurate localization of the injury but proximaal also provide important information regarding collateral flow.


Fractures of the proximal humerus in osteoporotic bone. She initially presented to an outside hospital, and was then transferred to our institution for management of a right proximal humerus fracture-dislocation.

There were no associated neurologic lesions. How to cite this article.

The incision was closed in layers over a drain. The incision used for axillary artery exploration and repair was extended proximally and distally, a lateral skin flap was developed, and a standard deltopectoral interval was exploited to access the glenohumeral joint.

What is the next treatment option? Influence of plate material and screw design fractuga stiffness and ultimate load of locked plating in osteoporotic proximal humeral fractures. Technique of open reduction and internal fixation of comminuted proximal humerus fractures with allograft femoral head metaphyseal reconstruction.

Early diagnosis and treatment remains the cornerstone of successfully treating these injuries. Surgical versus non-surgical treatment for 3- and 4-part proximal humerus fractures.


She undergoes surgical fixation as seen in Figures C through E. A lateral acromial approach was used under fluoroscopic guidance. Case Report A 69 year old female, fell at home from standing height, injuring her right shoulder. Descriptive, prospective study of the case series type.

Fractura del extremo proximal del húmero | Álvarez López | Archivo Médico Camagüey

The functional assessment score according to the Constant-Murley scale was Roy, Axillary artery injuries after proximal fracture of the humerus. Dormir con lentillas conlleva riesgo The superior border of the pectoralis major tendon can be used to determine accurate restoration of which of the following? Non-operative treatment of this displaced injury results in good long term shoulder function. Displaced proximal humerus fractures in older patients: At the time of her fall, she described loss of sensation and motor function of her right hand.


HPI – A 14 year old patient present after she had idiopathic left humeral head and hujero avascular necrosis AVN 6 years ago. She denies prior shoulder pain, and has been treated conservatively with range of motion exercises but continues to complain of debilitating pain and dysfunction.

Anatomy of the terminal branch of the posterior circumflex humeral artery: What is the best treatment option? Please vote below and help us build the most advanced adaptive learning platform in medicine The complexity of this topic is appropriate for?

AANA advance arthroscopic surgical techniques.