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You as a free soul francces were nervous or irritable from any cause, for your inheritance is from and of the Spirit, perfect, changeless, pure, good.

Now I wonder if I have made concentration and desire clear to you? Such a list of troubles, and you are trying to carry them all, when in reality there is not a human responsibility or care in the world for any one.

AM glad I returned here in time to receive and answer your letter today, I thank you for the enclosed offering and more for your words of appre- ciation and the proof of earnestness in the questions you ask. I larime DC separate from that which I desire. The man finishes his story — how goodi how finalf how it puts a new face on aU Unngs!

To experience lack is a “denial of God,” as it is equivalent to saying, “here is a condition where Good warer not,” and very inconsistent with our aflSrmations of the “Onmipresence of God Good. The matter of physical healing I can compre- hend, wanrer the body is here, a tangible presence; but it seems that while the infinite supply is inexhaustible, we ourselves have to make a 12 How to Obtain 13 certain amount of effort to bring francds results.

This choosing to live withm the spiritual is the proving of the truth of the larlmer that “He who loseth his life shall save it. So now, my dear, do you not see how and why we may be idle, or, rather, still on the outer plane?

Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. The body never moves f unless acted upon by some force that is not it. You see, dear heart, that even nature demands that we be still, in order for her to get in her perfect work. I can see from what you say in your letter that you are striving hard to live a belief in abundance, but belief without absolute knowl- edge is apt to lead us into using freely that which we have in reality put a limitation upon, as you did in giving your bank account.

Why didn’t he spade up the gold before? Now do you not see how we may escape the experience realm and comprehend something of the Law frabces Alchemy as the ancients frxnces the Law of Spirit?

Frances Larimer Warner: List of Books by Author Frances Larimer Warner

If you read my Uttle article on the demon- stration of supply, you know pretty well my method, visualizing one’s self already in the position desired. The Ufe that was almost a burden has become conscious of its Oneness with all Life; warnee joy, and the peace that passeth understand- ing, are now its portion, and it is content. How good it is to learn that we are only limited by our own ignorance and that we can honor the great Law-Giver as greatly by proving Him our supply, as well as our health.


I do not need your money, but I do need your faith in me in franced to be of assistance to you, and as you are a strong personaUty I felt the current of doubt and distrust that was sent out with your letter, and got, through telepathy, the very thought sent out with it. If you are conducting research on machine translation, optical character recognition or other areas where access to a large amount of text is helpful, please contact us.

Google Book Search helps readers discover the world’s books while helping authors and publishers reach new audiences. This conscious intelligent Law is in ceaseless operation, and is wielded by thought, hence, “As a man thinketh, so is he”; and since even desultory thinking is creative and brings results, we have discovered that premeditated, orderly thinking for a pur- pose matures that purpose into fixed form, so that we may be absolviely sure of the result of our dynamic experiment.

Frances Larimer Warner

There is no outside, no inclosing vxjUy no circumference to us. The central real Self, One with all, is the dynamo; the middle or conscious plane is the directing power, and the outer plane may be compared to the wires and bulbs.

I am glad you wrote me so clearly as fracnes your difficulty, as it has enabled me to discern clearly the cause of your inharmony. Please look up Isaiah and I have repeatedly made the same positive statement that I could never find a four leaf clover. As the sun could shipe no more larimmer our asking, so Good can give no more for our asking. And, too, have thought after due delib- eration, that one’s work should be found “at hand,” and for a year or two at least am going to do what I can in a local way.

Frabces you have had the benefit of both Mrs. Yes, I think it is Self-ish or allowing the Self to manifest itself as all good to us, as it is ever larier to do, and what others say or think about it makes no difference to me.

It is better to take one thing at a time at first, and not a greater imdertaking than that in which you ffrances put your present faith. What you reaUy mean is that francse desire to prove the one great Law as your supply.

For your words are vital, and I cannot help feeling assured that I have now the clue, and 15 1 16 Our Invisible Supply it rests with me to overcome finally. You know there are so many beautiful promises to the widow and the father- less; put your whole faith in them, and as we are told to do in Psalm 27, “Wait, vxiit patiently on the Lord Law and you shaU have the desires of yovr heart.


I like to image myself as empty of self and the Good flowing through me to those who come to me for Truth, and as surely as you practice this attitude towards Spirit larkmer you become more and more a fittmg instrument for all good to others. This is all frandes now, only I must tell you that the rest of my mental picture is only now looming into our outer horizon, the more perfect home with beautiful lawiK on sunny slope. We also ask that you: No, in- deed, but we are not patient, but get in a hiury, and think that we must do something to help the Law along, and so frustrate and delay the manifestation which was perhaps just ready to come into our external realm.

One day my niece began picking four leaved clovers till she had nearly a hand full. Why may not men be edU” cated as husbands, women as wives and both as parents?

If each man thought he was sent to this spot to make it a bit more sweet, How soon we could gladden the world, how easily right all wrong, If nobody shirked, and each one worked to help his waener along.

Frances Larimer Warner – If Only Thoughts Were Things…

My dear, you cannot hope to prove the Spirit franves wealth, while denying it as health. Yes, we receive as we give, so a thank offering is helpful to the giver, as he then taps universal supply, as substance itself is the reality of all wealth. Don’t you see, my dear, that the science of letters and num- bers that you have tried to abide by, is a natural not a spiritual science? She began proving the creativeness of mind by never allowing a table, chair, or anjrthing else to stand where the piano was to manifest itself, and never entered the room without seeing vividly the expression of a piano there.

OU really knew what I needed, for your letter haa gqne to the spot and has really done francee naore good than most things that have come into my path- way for years. When I demanded a soul mate and a home, I put myself in a home by seeing myself about 78 Out Invisible Supply the house and grounds always with a companion.