The Theory and Practice of Gamesmanship: or the Art of Winning Games without Actually Cheating [Stephen Potter] on *FREE* shipping on. For any gameplayer, here’s a book that focuses on the subject of gamesmanship as a civilized art as old as the competitive spirit in man. Stephen Potter points. Thanks to Evernote, it was easy enough, using search, to find where I read about The Theory of Practice of Gamesmanship by Stephen Potter.

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Dated and extremely British but sprinkled with a few chuckles and laughs.

One of the funniest “non fiction” texts I have read. He wrote of George Saintsbury: Joad during a game of tennis in which Joad and Potter were struggling against two fit young students.

There pogter been much that had puzzled me — I am speaking now of — in the tension of our games of ping-pong at the Meynells. In the same year he joined the Savile Clubknown for its artistic and especially literary members, who have included HardyKiplingand Yeats. In one thousand years, Potter’s The Theory and. I didn’t feel like I needed to keep reading to get the idea. Yet my approach to the thing had been gradual.

Light, and oh, so much fun. They would throw the service ball very high in the modern manner: The script was adapted by Peter Ustinov from Potter’s books.


Stephen Potter: The Origins of Gamesmanship. Introductory Involving Tennis

Not extraordinary but good. This versatile gambit for disconcerting one’s opponent in debate is usually said to have been originated by Potter, even though he had himself said in a footnote to Lifemanship that “I am required to state that World Copyright of this phrase is owned by its brilliant inventor, Mr. Potter’s ‘ Game Leg For the American officer, see Stephen Potter officer. I recommend this book to everybody.

Doesn’t quite keep it up for the whole book, but still very high on my list. Potter gives the example of how he has never won a chess match, but is co Potter gives an introduction to winning games despite lesser skill without being unsporting.

One of the greatest and funniest books ever written by an Englishman. I didn’t find this one quite as funny as the other Stephen Potter books. Sep 08, John Carncross rated it it was amazing.

Theory & Practice of Gamesmanship

Many of the examples are clever but there’s always a germ of truth in them. Wikipedia has an article about: Potter’s last works went in new directions.

Potter first wrote for BBC radio in After leaving school in the last months of the First Gamesmanshjp War he was commissioned as a junior officer in the British Armybut by the time he had completed his training the war was over and he was demobilised. Most difficult of questions to answer briefly. Jan 31, Dave Leys rated it it was amazing.



One-Upmanship is a British television series based on Potter’s work. This was soon amplified by rumour into “Sex and Sardines”, none of which helped Potter’s reputation as a serious writer. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

I just love this book. The Theory and Practice gamesmanwhip Gamesmanship: Pound but by Usborne himself, in an article called “Not in the South” published in the May 28, number of Punch magazine, where the phrase was described as “a formula that let me off the boredom of finding out facts and retaining knowledge”.

Theory & Practice of Gamesmanship by Stephen Potter

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Despite the content, I just couldn’t give it more than three stars.

As in any practical manual, the principles are stated and concisely illustrated. I suppose the reason I read it at the time would have been to seek a way to undermine them.

I only want you to say clearly, if you will, whether the ball is in or out.