Electric RC Helis – GAUI EP LOVE THIS THING! – I recently bought a pixy zap and got it to hover but in winds its extremely unstable and. I’m looking to get a sized heli, can’t decide between the Gaui EP and the T-rex I know that the EP has been out for quite a.

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The GAUI is too nimble for my skill level got used to the SRB Quarkso the most I can do for the mean time is make it lift off about 3 inches for 3 seconds and I put it down again while chasing the tail. The advantage of the V2 over the is the ability to move the motor to the front or back of the bird to correct COG, plus the V2 frame is designed to easily house the GU flybarless controller. In order to be able to post messages on the HeliFreak forums, you must first register.

Gaui EP or T-rex ? – RCU Forums

Shadow, I have the Gaui belt drive and love it. For the price, the Ultimate combo on the T-rex is hard to not seriously consider. Note that passwords are case-sensitive.


Send a private message to mediclavina. Eo200 can you put up a comparison without actually having flown both. Moreover, the heli on sim can easily disappear from clear view pun intended because my PC monitor is only 19″ in size. The flight reviews of both birds put them on same playing field in that they fly so similar you probably wouldn’t notice a difference flying one from the other.

GAUI EP200 r/c Helicopter

Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. I simply used scotch tape to prevent it from falling off. BB code is On. It’s really quick even with the stock motor and CF frame and skids.

I find it difficult to deal with a 2-dimensional view like in a simulator. Find More Posts by hi2nr. Shadow, I got to blame you for starting this thread. Send a private message to Nivek M. I gauj to find a bigger indoor space to try hovering it at 3 feet or so. Find More Posts by Nivek M. I can say teh T-rex will be a “quieter” heli, the Gaui are loud and will let you know you are flying a “machine”.

But there’s a good reason for the delay. Find More Posts by stump3r.

Send a private message to fytrjok. Please click one of the Quick Reply icons in the posts above to activate Quick Reply. Darn, I hate when I get bitten by those nasty “heli-bugs,” I suddenly get the urge to expand my fleet.


If the tail doesn’t hold e200 that height, I may have to replace both the gyro haui the tail servo. Quote message in reply?

I have not considered the flybarless issues in the above description. I was using a 2 cell Gaui and it was real light, affected more by the wind of course. I think the esc is crudded out which is where i stopped, because the ele esc manual sucksbut It has never been flown or crashed. Originally Posted by adam crosby. Gaui EP or Gayi ?

Downside to his lil heli is its very sensitive to small movement inputs but its not anything unpredictable.

Fung of FH did a good job with the assembly and setup. Send ggaui private message to UTM. I loved the Align up front but after one crash, I just could not get the tail to stick.