GFI Knowledge Base articles; Web forum; Contacting GFI Technical Support. If this manual does not A list of common issues encountered when using GFI FaxMaker: Email2FaxGateway Error during document conversion ยท Error Ensure that the FaxMaker printer driver on the server machine is installed on the GFIFAX port and is set up as default printer. Check that the application program. GFI FaxMaker Manual Online: Troubleshooting, Introduction, Common Issues, Table 14 Gfi faxmaker fax server getting started guide. . Document.

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NET Forum Version 3. Any help would be great!!! Document conversion timeout Thursday, December 06, NET Forum Version 3.

Troubleshooting and support

Should you require any updates or further information, kindly contact us using the support form at the following link: Document conversion timeout Thursday, December 06, 5: The Faxmaker is on a standalone machine running windows xp service pack 2. We have sent you an email on the address that you have registered over the forums with.

Check that the application program is installed on the server and that there is association to print with the files. Document Conversion Timeout Tuesday, November 16, Document Conversion Timeout Thursday, November 11, 2: The client machines are all running on the same setup networked through windows xp.

Excel Attachment conversion failed :

No popups, No “would you like to save this files”, nothing. NET Forum Version 3. Also that looks like a word problem your getting when doing the print from the. I got an extension on the trial period, so I uninstalled everything, reinstalled according to the manual, went thru all the KB articles and the above posts, and I still get the same error while trying to send. How can we help? Page 50 – Removing the connector automatically Page 51 – Removing the connector manually Page 52 Page 53 – Appendix 2: Configure SMTP server to accept.


Zip up these files. The reference number s used are: Anything else I should check?

I have been using faxmaker for almost 2 years faxmakker no problems and no changes. Incoming faxes seem to work fine get emailed to the correct person, etc.

Attachment conversion failed : 1701

Document Conversion Timeout Gf, November 02, 3: Word was working fine. We added a DEP acception for “fmgwinet. Have you already checked the following knowlaedge base article? I sent an attachment out of Notes Client. This manual – most issues can be solved through the information in this manual.

If it is related to IE 8, the only option is to upgrade to 14 call support and let us open a ticket.

When I type something faxkaker word or send an adobe file there is no problem. First check things listed in this article, http: Don’t have an account?

Client error 1701

It seemed to reinstall OK, but still could not print. Email2FaxGateway dialog, click Test to ensure correct communication between the two. Check that the application program is 17701 on the facmaker and that there is association to print with the files.


I suppose that you didn’t meant IE8 uninstallation on client machine? I ended the task of Winword. Ordering How to order Order online Find a partner Pricing. No such process is running anywhere.

Page of 59 Go.

Page 27 – Screenshot 13 – Setting up a Foreign Dom Live fgi chat Live support chat Download free trials Connect with us. Right now they are running as the Domain Admin. I am receiving an error on my client fax machine.

I have checked the permissions on the printer and the registry, and Everyone has Full control. I open the FAxmaker Fax Message Form and type a message and insert a fax number and hit send, it just hangs for a bit before doing anything and then later I get this: Ordering How to order Order online Find a partner Pricing.

Log in to the server with the same credentials and ensure the FAXmaker printer is default printer I already did check those. Thank you for letting us know! Start the FAXmaker fax server service, and confirm that the problem is reproduced.