The Gateway GPRS Support Node (GGSN) is a main component of the GPRS network. The GGSN is responsible for the interworking between the GPRS. Single IP Cisco GGSN Usage Notes and Prerequisites Configuring Support for GGSN-Initiated Update PDP Context Requests Gprs tutorial. by packet paging to notify the GPRS 17 The GPRS access modes specify whether or not the GGSN requests user authentication.

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Notice the IPMasquerade option on both interfaces. GPRS attempts to reuse the existing GSM network elements as much as possible, but to effectively build a packet-based mobile cellular network, some new network elements, interfaces, and protocols for handling packet traffic are required.

After this we are saving current changes to configuration file using command write to make this policy persistent. User authentication in a home GGSN scenario is performed exactly as in the nonroaming scenario.

Packet Data Solutions

Home Mobile devices Mobile vpn. In the opposite direction, packet data from the mobile is routed to the right destination network by the GGSN. A variety of MS can exist, including a high-speed version of current phones to support high-speed data access, a new PDA device with an embedded GSM phone, and PC cards for laptop computers.

Broadly speaking, this access method would map to Simple IP access mode in our taxonomy see below the section providing a detailed description of this access modeshould we elect to engage in terminology mapping.

All charging plans are ultimately based on an appropriate charging data collection. Also, the standards for CAMEL still have some ambiguities that make interdomain, multivendor operation of prepaid mechanism not likely to happen very soon, mostly because of interoperability problems which are being sorted out at this writing.

GPRS – PDP Context

You will also need to configure some networking rules to allow connectivity from tun0. Billing date and payment methods conditions, integral usage data documentation, and other billing and financial aspects. So, external networks offering “transparent access service” do so based on a trust relationship with the wireless carrier.

The setup above assume that you’re using interface enp2s0 to access the internet from the machine which runs openggsn. The home operator may always define classes of users that can be offered roaming service by VPMNs by defining barring information on all or a subset of gggsn services available in a VPMN. Must match the ggsn 0 remote-ip entry in osmo-sgsn. The GGSN also collects charging information connected to the use of the external data networks and can act as a packet filter for incoming traffic.


Other specifications the SLA may include are: In summary, this access mode is suitable for simple terminals requiring access to applications that can resolve strict user authentication in a way independent from network access authentication.

This setup, however, would constitute a non-standard usage of L2TP, and it makes the end-to-end session vulnerable to the potential replay based attacks that affect the Tutoriwl PCO mode. These network access services can be broadly classified into: We also avoided trying to map this to the standards taxonomy, since again this would have required us to justify decisions taken in the standards, which appears to be quite a risky and difficult task and not necessary for the readers to fully master the matter and properly apply these solutions in the real world.

GGSN – Telecom ABC

Tutoral, by changing the domain component, some intelligent IP services platforms can be configured to return in the filter ID attribute or thtorial RADIUS attributes the name of a service whose definition, in terms of network access policies, can be retrieved from an LDAP or equivalent service policies configuration data repository.

The BTS can also require a software upgrade but typically does not require hardware enhancements. In the example acl-only is selected as authorization policy. This may not be desirable if no automated and constrained mechanism is in place.

The base station subsystems require some updates. We have therefore chosen to adopt our own classification, which we have just introduced and which will be further detailed in the remainder of the chapter. When a user is roaming using a home GGSN, accounting information at the GGSN is critical to record the usage data in the home network independently of the visited network.

Static IP addresses are also allowed, and in fact, the use of static IP addresses is necessary for network-initiated PDP context activation. Once you’re done with experimenting and ready for production setup it might be convenient to create systemd units so all the parts are ggsn automatically. Conversely, UMTS has been designed from the outset to support packet data services through its PS domain, so its performance is expected to be much more efficient and at a higher data rate than GPRS.


From this tutorixl can be seen that it is very similar to the more basic GSM network architecture, but with additional elements. It also allows for the use of advanced authentication algorithms that will be developed over time, such as smart cards and biometrics, that cannot reuse existing authentication methods such as PAP and CHAP as authentication information transport method.

There is neither a human-kept secret password nor two-factor authentication human-kept secret plus a token-card-generated one-time code that can be used to prevent individuals from getting hold of a terminal, by ggn or maliciously, to access the network associated to the APN, if the true owner of the terminal disabled the need to insert a PIN to get the MS attached to PS services.

The ACL is also heeded.

It provides a variety of services to the mobiles:. HA Allocation in the Network. Network-initiated PDP context activation. For instance, there can be different tariffs applied whether continuous support or limited support is guaranteed.

In principle, an operator may tune the GTP timers and retransmission attempts for create PDP context requests to allow for the latency associated to “IP with Protocol Configuration Options” in setting up tunnels, but this is not a generally safe measure and also does not offer sufficient guarantees to provide gbsn service also when the user is roaming to networks that do not adopt gutorial same tuning of GTP parameters.

As a part of the roaming agreement, the way the GTP signaling integrity tuhorial guaranteed may be subject to negotiation and definition. IP addresses for LNS or other tunneling protocols endpoints. This capability can also be used to support Mobile VPN services.