Golden Boy was Clifford Odets’s most successful theatrical production. First published in in the United States, the play was a dramatic departure from. How Clifford Odets’ Golden Boy Survived 75 Years in the Theatrical Ring. Backstory. by Josh Ferri • Nov 24, Clockwise from left: Clifford Odets; Luther. Golden Boy has ratings and 17 reviews. Maria said: Yikes. I feel really guilty marking this book as 2 stars given some of the other things I have rat.

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In the interim, he has fallen in love, hoping, by a romantic attachment to a woman equally lost in the hurly-burly of the success world, to solve his inner dilemma. I’ll never play again! Odets listened to Beethoven’s music frequently and intensively, wrote on Beethoven’s importance as a creative artist and man of his time, and would sometimes self-consciously compare and contrast Beethoven’s problems and solutions with his own.

Who the hell’s stopping you? One day he comes home and announces that he wants to be a boxer; temporarily giving up his potential career in music.

Joe’s cross-eyed condition is immediately plastered in the headlines of the newspapers after his fight, as Frank notes: Any text you add should be original, not copied from other sources.

Apr 14, Tony rated it really liked it Shelves: Mickey is Pepper White’s manager, who tries to discourage Pepper from pursuing his affair with a married woman. Odets, in commenting on Beethoven’s music, found the Eroica Symphony “an awesome and terrible piece of work’ and his fourth piano concerto a composition in which the “characters of the orchestra never for a moment stop their exuberant conversation.

The more plays I read by Odets, the more enamored of his writing I become. Bonaparte, Odets manipulates language in other ways, such as the gangster-style street talk of Fuseli. For a boy entering adolescence, Hugo’s clear division of right and wrong, his demarcation of heroes and villains, and the endless pursuits of the relentless Inspector Javert must have met the young Odets’s need for suspense and adventure.

Bonaparte’s response illustrates the idea that art and financial success do not always go hand in hand: From to Odets learned his profession as an…. One week later, Joe and Lorna are at the Bonaparte home. Internet URLs are the best.


Many guys want a piece of the action—helping year-old Joe Bonaparte develop his golden gloves in the ring. And it is most characteristic of the situation that while the hero tries to use these people for his own ends he despises them, while they who are to a large extent dependent on him resent the intrusion of any of his personal problems into their business considerations.

Eventually, Odets’s excitement and passion would cool—a result of hard living, many personal and professional disappointments and, simply, aging. Isaacs notes of Odets that: This was especially true with boxing which at the time was second in popularity only to baseball.

Golden Boy | play by Odets |

Bonaparte asks Lorna Moon to watch out for Joe, and to give him an update on whether Joe is planning on giving up music totally.

As the massive wartime production effort swept through America, many of the unemployed found jobs once again, and the Great Depression was over. He is on the way to becoming an alcoholic, he has been unfaithful to his wife, and he has avoided prosecution for an accident that occurred during an bo of drunken driving by allowing a goldeen employee to confess in his place and serve a prison term.

A worthy member of the trio of plays about American Individualism.

Through gklden National Industrial Recovery Act NIRARoosevelt guaranteed collective bargaining for employees, which led to the establishment of unions in many industries.

A few nights later, Joe and Lorna sit on a park bench, talking. While Odets was torn between Hollywood and the New York theatre scene, Joe is torn between the high-pressure, big-money business of boxing and his dream of becoming a violinist.

Golden Boy by Clifford Odets

Waldvogel explores quiltmaking during the depression, when groups of women would meet to quilt, discuss their hardships, and share tips for surviving. Indeed, the America that Odets lived in and responded to was far different from the private and idealized world about which he wrote with such intensity and even affection and that he later abandoned cliffoed such regret.

Hoy tries to give him the violin that he bought for him. Too weak to face a loss of status, poverty, and the unstable life of the theater, perversely attracted by the life he has been leading, and yet filled with self-loathing, Charlie takes his own life.


Joe comes in from his fight and stops Fuseli from drawing his gun on Lorna. Really think about whether you want to become a musician or a boxer before you enter the rink. StormofCuteness rated it liked it Sep 29, Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Golden Boy

In the fourth scene of the second act, Joe is in the dressing room with his father after a fight. Pepper is having an affair with a married woman. Joe comes in from his fight and reveals that he has broken his hand—signaling his total conversion into ovets fighter.

The third act is even quicker as the play builds to its climax.

Bonaparte’s speech, his language is important. Joe is no longer the sensitive musician.

Golden Boy

Frank, Joe’s brother, is an organizer for the Congress of Industrial Organizations CIOwho must leave often to help settle disputes between striking workers and their management. Golden Boy is a drama by Clifford Odets. When Kaplan is out with “a busted mitt” from hitting Joe’s elbow, Joe immediately comes to see Moody. Golden Boy is his own story, raising the question of whether art and commerce mix.

Lorna’s seductions work all too well on Joe, who falls in love with her. Odets’s father also eventually owned a lucrative advertising agency.

You’re getting to be like Fuseli! However, Fuseli also offers a direct reference to murder in the fourth scene of the second act, when he tells Joe to: Bonaparte also tends to add extra letters onto some of his words, and uses word constructions in different ways.

The suicide rate steadily rose, and millions of oodets left their homes to try to find work. Although Odets was widely regarded in his early career as the greatest American playwright since Eugene O’Neill, Odets’s works rarely earned the major awards that O’Neill’s did. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Although the exact causes of the Great Depression are still debated, most historians agree that the Stock Market Crash of helped to usher in this huge economic downturn. She accuses him of turning into a killer like Fuseli.