Seek your fortune in the lands of Greater Harad where merchant-lords dominate the roads and sinister tyrant enthroned in Tul Isra rules the once independent. The first Apysaic speakers settled to the southwest of Far Harad, in the areas called Hyam, Eloma, Miredor, Drel, and Pel. The second wave of Apysani entered. Greater Harad has become impossible for me to distinguish from the overhaul I gave it. I poured more ambition into this module than any other.

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Greater Harad – Tolkien Gateway

War of the Ring. This is just part of one of several levels in the Nazgul’s Citadel. There is more than one author in the Grearer database with this name.

Customers who bought this item also bought. Showing of 1 reviews. The first year of the Siranean calendar.

Tags separate by space: Tartas Izain flees to Charnesra where his uncle Shuftas Gabar rules. Towns and villages sprang up again along the major rivers and peace reigned. Other nomadic tribes entered the area and lived by raiding or adopted the new life style. The PCs start in the free city at the behest of the Gathering of Speakers, until evidence leads them to race to the Mogholy Dask a tomb on the coastal cliffs to obtain an artifact being used to accelerate the perverse transformation.


Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. It’s filled with story hooks, adventure sites, a wide range of groups to interact with, but much less conflict with anything Tolkien wrote. The line of Bulgan was well known for its rule of blood and horror.

The Busybody: Retrospective: Greater Harad

Author’s page on Amazon. Realms from Tolkien’s legendarium during the Third Age.

They were particularly formidable when riding their great beasts, the mumakil. Once control was cemented in the surrounding countryside the power of Bulgan spread. Charnesra is destroyed in the process.

Greater Harad

Canals and irrigation works abounded: Want to Read saving…. Skill Based buy or gain skills. Patrick rated it liked it Nov 12, The place is stocked with traps and troops, and even in fallow periods it would be pretty much a death sentence to tackle gerater place.

The Blind sorcerer places governors in each province and city and begins his rule in the South. Charnesra resisted her foes for a full two weeks before the warriors and magi of Tul Isra broke through the defenses.

Although Near Harad boasts the magnificent naval port of Umbar, and Far Harad shelters the dazzling trade center of Bozisha-Dar, Greater Harad eclipses them both with the size of its population, the extent of its lands, and the rigors of its history. For instance, the six statues in the Hall of Might actually animate into high-level spellcasters, whose replicas are in the next room being healed by a daemon as their counterparts take damage from the PCs; there’s also the Chamber of the Mindless Orgy best left to the imagination ; a triple-agent NPC imprisoned in suspended animation; a chapel almost impossible to leave without the benefit of a talisman in another room; etc.


Late in the year, Tyarett succumbs. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Especially the Mogholy Dask, which I turned into a five-times fatal cousin of The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachanwhere every bloody room counts.

The Land of Sirayn. The chapter headings give you a good idea of what this book covers: Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki.

When the god-like Valar built the two Great Lamps which lit primeval Middle-earth, they placed one in the Southland, and it was named Ormal. The module contains a plethora of information on the far lands of Harad, including detailed hqrad of animal and plant life, of poisons, of places and a detailed history.