Grillage Foundation is applied for heavy structural loads from columns, piers or beams are required to transfer bearing capacity of soil. Grillage Foundation is applied for heavy structural loads from columns, piers or beams are required to What’s the difference between foundation and footing?. Image result for grillage footing Architecture Details, Foundation, Foundation Series, Products > Books > Volume A > The reinforcement II > Foundation > Raft.

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Find out some trending tips in construction industry. Grillage consists of steel I I section R.

What is Grillage Foundation, Definition, Construction, Uses

This type of foundation is generally used for heavy structure columns piers and scaffolds. Looking for a Job? Then, we have to design the layer so that it cantilevers from the edge of the layer above. The depth of foundation is limited from grjllage to 1. It is the most economical foundation in case of transferring heavy loads from columns to soil of low bearing capacity.

Mostly out of these two types the decision is made on the basis of availability grillagge material and overall cost is the deciding factor. Grillage foundation is one such special foundation.

The layers are then designed to cantilever from the edge of the layer above, which determines the beam sizes required to resist the applied bending moments and shear forces. First create a competitive CV or Resume for success in your career.

Then again, we pour concrete between and around the steel beams. Column load is transferred to the top tier through a base plate.


Though both foundation and grillage look the same they are different. If the grillage is encased in concrete and the sequence and method of construction and loading is compatible with the design requirements, the composite action of the beam and concrete can be exploited.

Then another layer of planks again is laid at right angles to the direction of beams. From this, we have to determine the required the base area for a suitable allowable ground bearing footin of the condition.

The lower flanges of the R. A minimum cover of 10 cm is kept on the outer sides of the external beams as well as above the upper flanges of the top tier. Convenience — grillage foundation uses to avoid poured concrete and saves time with easy installation.

Grillage Footing | Civil Engineering

S together thereby forming a rigid mass. Its name defines its function and structure as it is made up of steel beams, structurally known as rolled steel joist. It shields steel joist from groundwater, which can lead to corrosion. Steel Grillage foundation consists of steel joints or beams which are provided in single or double tiers.

According to the materials used in constructionGrillage foundation is of two types:. This will connect the R. The excavation of the base is leveled. S are connected together by pipes and bolts.

It will determine the beam sizes required to resist the bending moments and shear forces. After that, we place the second tier of the beam at the right angle to the first tiers with the help of separator. The number of R. The method of construction and loading should be compatible with the design necessities. The surface the trench is leveled and rammed. It is used at the base of columns. J laid in single or double large.


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The bolts are driven into web of the R. For the design of grillage foundation, it is required to calculate the loads and moments from the superstructure. The grillage beam can be in any material, the most usual being either steel, precast concrete or timber. To maintain spacing, pipe separators are used. It consists of one tier or more tiers of I-sections steel beams. This foundation helps in avoiding deep excavations as grillave necessary base area is provided for the load of the transmission.

The grillage beams are unpainted and are encased in concrete with minimum cover of mm beyond the edges of steel sections.

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