As a support for his classes, Grisey prepared a text called Tempus ex Machina, the same . except for Épilogue, which must be played only after Transitoires. Gérard Grisey’s manifesto as a composer was as unassuming as it was transformative: The size of the orchestra increases for ‘Transitoires’. Keywords: Gérard Grisey; Dérives; Les espaces acoustiques; Spectrum; It is not until Modulations (–77) and Transitoires (–.

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Les espaces acoustiques proceeds in six movements with the ensemble increasing in size as the piece progresses. According to Joshua Fineberg, Tristan Murail stated that spectralism is a term that refers to an attitude towards music and composition, instead of a trznsitoires of techniques or a particular style.

Barros 2 binomials Jean-Claude Rissetand also stochastic procedures: Loading comments… Trouble griseey If you analyse the complexity of the harmonic series of a single note played on a particular instrument — say a low E on a trombone — you find a teeming world of musical possibility.

A guide to Gérard Grisey’s music

Grisey’s music is always crossing thresholds of sound and space, of slowness and speed, of time at its grandest and most fleeting. Points in this piece create some beautiful effects with fields of sound almost reminiscent of Ligeti, though without his more overt building and puncturing of tonal tensions. See what you will get. All our journalism is independent and is in no way influenced by any advertiser or commercial initiative.

University of California Press, Contemporary Music Review, A sparse solo for viola, this movement hints at the timbral richness of the remainder of the piece transitires the instrument traverses a variety of sonorities.

GRISEY Les Espaces Acoustiques [HC]: Classical CD Reviews- Oct MusicWeb(UK)

I transitores believe that it will bring us closer to the illusory stuff of our dreams … Tone-color melodies! Some items to consider Brahms Symphony 4 Dvorak Symphony 9.

Log In Sign Up. Or, for another kind of mobile time, hear how Grisey makes a solo contrabass clarinet swing, slide and stride with mythic abandon in his evocation of Anubis-Nouta piece written for the Canadian composer Claude Vivierwho was murdered in The filter is removed, time is drawn apart, the spectra explode into 55 overtones, and true spectral polyphony runs the gamut of the tonal space. As such, this music is at once sensuous and uncertain; the static mass of luminous colours and textures is undercut by a constant threat of rupture as Grisey proceeds to tear apart the very fabric of the soundscape.


But it’s part of the paradox of Grisey’s music that just as he can slow down time so that you feel you’re inside, say, a stretched-out gong stroke for 20 minutes, he can also speed it up with surreal velocity.

The importance of this cycle as a reference in spectral music and a key work for the transiitoires of some of the technical devices created by Grisey is commented by the composer: For Grisey, this is a music that deals with changes, with the thresholds of perception between one sound and the other.

Whether you use transiyoires “spectral” label or not, Grisey’s music is about sound as material, as physical element, as living phenomena. That music is a bridge to the Epilogue of the whole cycle, with its whooping chords for four solo horns, the sounds of a universe of sound rejoicing in transtoires.

The faster moving contrasts of the second half of Transitoires and a return to a solo viola section sets us up for Epiloguethe only piece of the cycle not playable separately as it acts as a conclusion tranaitoires Transitoires. Though useful as methods of working, such speculations still fall far short of sound as it is perceived. To hear Grisey’s music is to have adventures in the stuff of sound that will change your ears for ever.

Gérard Grisey

Contemporary Music Review, 2. The English composer Jonathan Harvey b. In addition, he was fascinated by musical processes which unfold slowly, and he made musical time a major element of many of griseu pieces.

Transitoirrs coincidence as it was, the sense of expressive catharsis in that performance of Quatre Chants was only partly to do with Grisey’s own death; much more, it was down to the astonishing musical space trahsitoires this piece conjured in its unflinching exploration of existence.


The recording below has been removed from YouTube. Scored for 18 instruments, this movement explores a wide variety of textures; particularly striking is the throbbing cloud of sound at They have applied to time the proportions identical to those one finds in spatial concepts: Barros 4 The composer left gransitoires number of texts in which he describes his compositional procedures and his aesthetics preferences.

This page was last edited on 24 Novemberat The essential idea is the creation of a new way of structuring the parameters of music by exploring the harmonic series, the overtones that are part of every musical note. Grisey commented the composition of the other pieces of the cycle: But in retrospect, the “threshold” that the Four Songs crossed wasn’t only the event horizon that separates transiyoires from non-existence, it was the door to a new kind of music that Grisey tragically would not have time to explore.

The fine performance above is conducted by Pierre-Andre Valade and available on the Accord record label.

As with so much of Les Espaces Acoustiques, Transitoires makes sounds that are simultaneously ancient and modern: As he said, “we are musicians and our model is sound not literature, sound not mathematics, sound not theatre, visual arts, transitoirew physics, geology, astrology or acupuncture”.

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Les espaces acoustiques, Gérard Grisey | Articulate Silences

Listen to the incantatory power of the love-obsessed voices and electronics of Les Chants de l’Amour for real sonic proof of what I’m on about. Below is a recording of Les espaces acoustiques accompanied by a brief listening guide. The cycle comprises the following pieces: The second chapter deals with the musical analysis.

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