Historia calamitatum = Consolation to a friend. by Peter Abaelard; Alexander Andrée. Print book. Latin. Toronto: Publ. for the Centre for Medieval Studies. Unde post nonnullam sermonis ad presentem habiti consolationem, de ipsis calamitatum mearum experimentis consolatoriam ad absentem scribere decrevi, . For we do not easily expect evil of those whom we love.

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Et quoniam de universalibus in hoc ipso precipua semper est apud dialeticos questio ac tanta ut eam Porphirius quoque in Ysogogis suis cum de universalibus scriberet definire non presumeret dicens “Altissimum enim est huiusmodi negotium”, cum hanc ille correxerit immo coactus dimiserit sententiam, in tantam lectio eius devoluta est negligentiam, ut iam ad cetera dialectice vix admitteretur quasi in hac scilicet de universalibus sententia tota huius artis consisteret summa.

The error which led them into this false accusation resulted from their failure to perceive the identity of the Paraclete with the Spirit Paraclete.

Primum domo una coniungimur, postmodum animo. The wise man of old had this in mind when he said in his Proverbs: Now, if you impose a lightly considered judgment on him, as I cannot believe you will, you well know that even if mayhap you are in the right there are many who will be angered thereby and that he will have no lack of defenders.

However, this lecture gave such satisfaction to all those who heard it that they spread its praises abroad with notable enthusiasm, and thus compelled me to continue my interpretation of the sacred text.

Wrathfully they declared that Bede was no better than a liar, and that they had a far more trustworthy authority in the person of Hilduin, a former abbot of theirs, who had travelled for a long time throughout Greece for the purpose of investigating this very question.

Historia Calamitatum by Peter Abelard

When all this had been completed, I returned to France, above all in order that I might study theology, since now my oft-mentioned teacher, William, was active in the episcopate of Chalons. Once the first wildness of shame had passed, it left us more shameless than before, and as shame died within us the cause of it seemed to us ever more desirable.

I added that I would abandon the test altogether unless they would agree not to put off their histkria at my lecture. Verum cum illi prodesse intenderet maxime nocuit.

historia calamitatum mearum | Tumblr

Please help improve this article to make it neutral in tone and meet Emarum quality standards. Terra quippe barbara et terre lingua mihi incognita erat, et turpis atque indomabilis illorum monachorum vita omnibus fere notissima, et gens terre illius inhumana atque incomposita. If ye were of the world, the world would love his own” ib.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Moreover, it had been accomplished with much less pain, being so quick and sudden, for I was heavy with sleep when they laid hands on me, and felt scarcely any pain at all.


The land was barbarous and its speech was unknown to me; as for the monks, their vile and untameable way of life was notorious calamitatumm everywhere.

historia calamitatum mearum

Forthwith I sought out a lonely spot known to me of old in the region of Troyes, and there, on a bit of land which had been given to me, and with the approval of the bishop of the district, I built with reeds and stalks my first oratory in the name of the Holy Trinity. But while this reasoning holds good as regards the Trinity itself, it does not apply in the case of the Holy Spirit. Nam quo bonum hoc litteratorie scilicet scientie in mulieribus est rarius, eo amplius puellam commendabat et in toto regno nominatissimam fecerat.

To this I answered that I had never denied the fact, and that I did not much care whether their patron was the Areopagite or some one else, provided only he had received his crown from God.

For it chanced that in some manner or other, laying claim to it as having legally belonged in earlier days to his monastery, my abbot of St. Nay, in such case not even divine goodness could redeem one who, having been so proud, was brought to such shame, were it not for the blessed gift of grace.

Horum itaque maxime suggestionibus, sicut postmodum deprehensum est, senex ille perturbatus impudenter mihi interdixit inceptum glosandi opus in loco magisterii sui amplius exercere, hanc videlicet causam pretendens, ne si forte in illo opere aliquid per errorem ibi scriberem, utpote rudis adhuc in hoc studio, ei deputaretur.

And what would my calumniators have said if they had but seen Malchus, that captive monk of whom St.

And so, returning thither, I bade her come to the oratory, together with some others from the same convent who had clung to her. Maxime namque glorie sibi imputabant quod ad eos in conversione mea divertissem, quasi ceteris omnibus abbatiis contemptis, et nunc maximum sibi imminere dicebant opprobrium si, eis abiectis, ad alios transmearem. Conscience and reputation are different matters: Sedet in insidiis, cum divitibus, etc.

Ad hanc itaque cum accessissem ut fructum inde colligerem, deprehendi illam esse ficulneam cui maledixit Dominus, seu illam veterem quercum cui Pompeium Lucanus comparat dicens, “Stat, magni nominis umbra, Qualis frugifero quercus sublimis in agro,” etc.

When the Bishop of Chartres got wind of this, he reported the whole conspiracy to me, and strongly urged me to endure meekly the manifest violence of their enmity. The legate directed me to refer my book to the archbishop and to those same two rivals of mine, to the end that my accusers might also be my clamitatum. No sooner had I reached the city, therefore, than I went forthwith to the legate; to him I submitted my book for examination and judgment, declaring that if I had written anything repugnant to the Catholic faith, I was quite ready to correct it or otherwise to make satisfactory amends.

The metropolis and citadel of the mind cannot be taken unless the army of the foe has first rushed in through the gates. Diu itaque illis instantibus atque importune pulsantibus, abbate quoque nostro et fratribus intervenientibus, ad cellam quandam recessi, scolis more solito vaccaturus. Post paucos itaque dies, Parisius reversus, scolas mihi iamdudum destinatas atque oblatas unde primo fueram expulsus, annis aliquibus quiete possedi; atque ibi in ipso statim scolarum initio glosas illas Hiezechielis quas Lauduni inceperam consummare studui.


Avunculus autem eius post ipsius recessum calamitatuk in insaniam conversus, quanto estuaret dolore, quanto afficeretur pudore, nemo nisi experiendo cognosceret. But since, as I have said, he had caused my place to be occupied by a rival of mine, I pitched the camp, as it were, of my school outside the city on Mont Ste. Ad artem itaque quam noveram recurrens, pro labore manuum ad officium lingue compulsus sum.

Historia Calamitatum – Wikipedia

Thus it came about that my teaching won such strength and authority that even those who before had clung most vehemently to my former master, and most bitterly attacked my doctrines, now flocked to my school. Quis denique sacris vel philosophicis meditationibus intentus, pueriles vagitus, nutricum que hos mittigant nenias, tumultuosam familie tam in viris quam in feminis turbam sustinere poterit?

And so it chanced with us calamiratum, in the stories that the poets tell, it once happened with Mars and Venus when they were caught together.

Qui frequenter illam beati Jheronimi querimoniam mecum volvens qua ad Asellam de fictis amicis scribens, ait: Unde maxime magistrorum invidiam atque odium adversum me concitavi, qui in omnibus que poterant mihi derogantes, duo precipue absenti mihi semper obiciebant: No one, methinks, could fail to understand how persistently that undisciplined body of monks, the direction of which I had thus undertaken, tortured my heart day and night, or how constantly I was compelled to think of the danger alike to my body and to my soul.

Wherefore rightly do all men say: Chiefly at their suggestion, as it afterwards transpired, yonder venerable coward had the impudence to forbid me to carry on any further in his school the work of preparing glosses which I had thus begun.

On one occasion Alberic, accompanied by some of his students, came to me calamitarum the purpose of intimidating me, and, after a few bland words, said that he was amazed at something he had found in my book, to the effect that, although God had begotten God, I denied that God had begotten Himself, since there was only one God.

If, then, you are disposed to take canonical action against him, his doctrine or his writings must be brought forward as evidence, and he must have free opportunity to answer his questioners. Sed et ipse Plato, cum dives esset et thorum eius Diogenes lutatis pedibus conculcaret, ut posset vacare philosophie elegit Academiam histofia, ab urbe procul, non solum desertam, sed et pestilentem: