Find product information, product compatibility, and specifications for your HP Officejet J All-in-One Printer. HP Officejet J All-in-One Printer • User guide • Download PDF for free and without registration!. User guide • Read online or download PDF • HP Officejet J All-in-One Printer User Manual • HP Printers.

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You might need to reset the date and time later, when you plugthe power cord back in. To set up the device to answer callsautomatically, turn on the Auto Answer setting. Adjusts the resolution for black-and-white faxes alll-in-one sent. Page 68 Chapter 6Set the dial typeUse this procedure to set tone-dialing or pulse-dialing mode. If thedevice does not stop faxing, press Cancel again. Slide the stack of photo paper forward until itstops. Indexmodem, shared with parallelphone systems 82monitor dialing 49, 51paper size 59parallel aol-in-one systems 73pause 18PBX system, set up parallelphone systems 78phone cord connection test,failed phone cord too short phone cord type test,failed photos 53poll to receive 58receive 55receive, troubleshoot ,redial options 64reduction 59reports 66reprint 57resolution manuual to answer 62schedule 50send 47send to multiplerecipients 51send, troubleshoot,se.

Page 70 Chapter If you have colored paper loaded in the input tray when you align the printcartridges, the alignment will fail. The HP Officejet J supports one black print cartridge only. Jj3680 copy problemsIf the following topics do not help, see Support and warranty for information about HPsupport.

You can also share the device with other computers using a simple form of networkingknown as locally shared networking. Obtain electronic supportTo find support and warranty information, go to the HP Web site at www.


Pdf Download | HP Officejet J All-in-One Printer User Manual ( pages)

To extend your phone cord1. Page 74 Chapter 7 continued Use this tool To set automatic reduction from the control panel1. Page port labeled 1-LINE on the back of the device, and the other end to your telephonewall jack, as shown below.

To print on both sides of a page Mac OS 1. For additional information, see Load an original in the automaticdocument feeder ADF. FCC requirementsNotice to users of the U. Chapter 2Status messagesStatus messages reflect the current state of the device. Follow the onscreen instructions.

HP Officejet J3680 All-in-One Printer Product Information

Select Tools, and then select Reprint Faxes in Memory. Before you all-ln-one, check your computer to see if it hasone or two phone ports. Page 47 5ScanYou can scan originals and send them to a variety of destinations, such as a folder onthe network or a program on a computer.

You mustset the changes as defaults for the settings to apply to all future copy jobs. In the printer driver, select theBest print quality, and also increase the ink drying time and reduce the ink saturationusing the ink volume under the advanced features Windows or ink j36880 MacOS.

HP photo and imagingsoftware helpProvides information aboutusing the software. Also, it is recommended that you use a USB cable that is less than3 meters 9.


HP Officejet J All-in-One Printer User Manual | pages

Slide the stack of paper forward until it stops. Chapter 7 continued Spainwww. If you do not use the supplied cord to connect from the telephone walljack to the device, you might not be able to fax successfully. Page 31 To load 10 x 15 cm 4 x 6 inch all-in-onee paper with tab in the input tray1.


Handle the print cartridgesBefore you replace or clean a print cartridge, you should know the part names and howto handle the print cartridges. This product cannot be identified by Serial Number alone. Specific information on power consumption maybe found in the printed documentation that came with the device. If you do not close the cover, you might damagethe mechanism.

For example, if you need to access an outsideline before dialing the phone number, insert a pause following the access number. If a fax machine answers the call, you will hear fax tones from thereceiving fax machine.

Forbest results, set the paper type to transparency film before printing or copyingonto transparency film. Page 87 continued 3Computer with modemTo set up the device with a computer dial-up modem1. You might also want to dust theexterior of the HP All-in-One.

Click Information and Settings. To set or change the fax header1. Press 6, then press 1. Depending on the OS version you are using, do one of thefollowing: When device memory is low, it overwrites the oldest, printed faxesas it receives new faxes.

Clean the white stripMinor debris can accumulate on the white strip located inside the automatic documentfeeder.