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Finally, some results of radiation protection, in the form of conversion coefficients between equivalent dose or effective dose and free air-kerma for external photon irradiation are presented and discussed. Portuguese, A4 size, 58 p.

En determinadas publicaciones, estos aspectos igeo-server.igeo.ufrjj.br tratan de forma independiente. El estudio proporciona una comparacion de resultados para dos modelos de turbulencia. In this work, we developed a graphical interface that determines by steady-state simulation the number of plates required for multicomponent distillation process and the composition of distillate and bottoms flow of a distillation tower using short-cut methods.

This variable was included in the equation developed for all considered alternative energy sources. English, A4 size, 6 p, file: Full Text Available Fundamentos: Computations are performed with a commercial finite volume code which solves three dimensional, incompressible, Navier-Stokes and Energy equations.

Geofix Fundações

Portuguese, A4 size, 13p. A higher variability in results was observed when the glass ionomer cements were used in the larger matrices. It is presented a software application for calculating the thickness of the thermal insulation used in various facilities where there are thermal systems using solar energy. The commands are transmitted using Bluetooth technology which can move the robot car in all directions according to the user commands.

calculos dosimetricos utilizando: Topics by

English, A4 size, 8p. Para isso, foi feita uma busca por patentes utilizando a base de d English, Letter size, 7 p. Quality control of dosimetric systems using thermoluminescent crystals; Control de calidad de un sistema de planeacion dosimetrico utilizando cristales termoluminiscentes y su aplicacion en tratamientos de pacientes con cancer de prostata. This CFD model can be used to predict temperature profiles, gas composition, producer gas lower heating value, and carbon conversion efficiency, and the reactor performance when operating parameters and feed properties are changed.


One of the ways most used for reactive is power of capacitor banks. Benefits and limitations; Calculo dosimetrico de la actividad de I para tratamiento de pacientes con cancer diferenciado de tiroides CADT.

Due to this fact, a sustainable development with alternative energy sources, which are attractive for such purpose, must be proposed, especially in places that are not supplied by the conventional electricity grid such as many communities in the Northeast Brazil.

Five measurements of radiographic density were obtained from each image of each item assessed restorative material, enamel, dentin, each step of the aluminum step wedge and the mean of these values was calculated.

El software facilita el calculo del grosor del recubrimiento termico en componentes tales como: Walter Cazzola, Robert J. Its were carried out calculations with the irradiation focus coinciding with the center of the mannequin as in near areas to the bone interface. The software facilitates the calculation of the thermal cover thickness over components such as pipes flat or roundstorage and other devices that require thermal protection, installed in outdoors or indoors.

La velocidad de disminucion de la. Molecular Engineering of dosimetric materials; Ingenieria Molecular de materiales dosimetricos. Nuevo criterio de complejidad utilizando una medida de eficiencia. The use, therefore, of high-performance software to.

Los resultados concuross obtenidos son: Portuguese, A4 size, 12p. In the Gutierrez report et al. Mainly in new geothermal wells, it is necessary to evaluate the production in a very fast, simple and not expensive way, to know the convenience to install surface equipment, such as silencers and separators, to drive the steam to the commercial gathering system. Model predictive control, System identification and parameter estimation, Kalman filter, Disturbance rejection, Mining, metalurgy, metals and materials.


Portuguese, A4 size, 7 p. After this, all children were submitted to cycloplegic refraction, 30 minutes after one drop of cycloplegic agent. El mapa de oferta electrica se realiza con la ayuda de un programa computacional el ogeo-server.igeo.ufrj.br contiene las ecuaciones necesarias a fin de obtener la radiacion solar para igeo-server.iigeo.ufrj.br inclinada hora a hora a partir de los datos geograficos y de radiacion solar global promedio mensual sobre concursps horizontal del lugar.

Based on articles that assess the satisfaction of bank customers, this study proposes an assessment tool consisting of 29 items. Gaussian mixture clustering models represents a novel approach to exploring and analyzing performance data in sports. Portuguese, A4 size, 10 p.

Equipe_en – LabRiscoLabRisco

The hard palate graft is concurso excellent replacement for posterior lamellar defects in eyelid reconstruction, because it presents the benefit of a mucous layer in addition to a semirigid support.

Finally, we present some numerical simulations of solid 3D discretized with 2D and 3D truss elements. Portuguese, A4 size, 8 p. Finalmente se han evaluado las diferentes opciones o tec Por otra parte, el modelo numerico se comparo con los resultados experimentales obteniendo aproximaciones aceptables tanto en magnitud como en comportamiento.