Ill Met in Lankhmar (The Science Fiction Book Club Collection) [Fritz Leiber, Bob Eggleton] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. They are the. Ill Met in Lankhmar Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser faced each other across the two thieves sprawled senseless. They were poised for attack, yet. Fritz Leiber’s Contents-page teaser for “Ill Met in Lankhmar”: The second and decisive meeting of Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser, wherein something is told of the .

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Likewise, while the publisher of this edition, White Wolf, is to be commended for all the love that lankhma into this collected edition — including the wonderful Mike Mignola artwork! Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser are quite i and observant, and their quick and subtle perception makes them ideal participants in and our guides to Leiber’s world of Nehwon.

Re-reading this after many years I was struck by how generally excellent it was. These stories end up feeling very familiar to anyone who has read much modern fantasy, yet they are equally appealing to those who prefer their stories on the pulpier, Robert Howard side.

Ships to the Stars.

Leiber came up with the sword and sorcery wonder twins Fafhrd pronounced Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser. Alice and the Allergy.

Leiber’s late short fiction, and the fine horror novel Our Lady of Darkness, combine autobiographical issues like his struggle with depression and alcoholism with meditations on the emotional content of the fantastic lankymar.

One need not be a grammar snob to enjoy the yarns Leiber has spun in these stories. And to that I would whole-heartedly have to disagree in this instance, and likely also in some of Robert E.

Tarzan and the Valley of Gold. Monday, July 19, Pulp Fantasy Library: A Defense of Werewolves. And though it stars only Fafhrd, Ib Snow Women is a macabre coming of age story with complex under-currents about family, sex, lankhmqr the need for youthful independence — deeper themed than just your average run-of-the-mill, fantasy adventure story.


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Ill Met in Lankhmar and Ship of Shadows

Writers of the Dark. Leiber’s science fiction includes the planet-smashing The Wanderer in which a large cast mostly survive flood, fire, and the sexual attentions of feline aliens, and the satirical A Spectre is Haunting Texas in which a gangling, exo-skeleton-clad actor from the Moon leads a revolution and finds his true laknhmar.

Ill Met in Lankhmar. Nov 05, Nick rated it really liked it.

They are, at turns, brilliant and stupid, competent and bungling, all tempered by a good bit of luck. The Saliva Tree by Brian W.

Noting that I only read Ill Met in Lankhmar as part of an unlisted collection, not the other two stories ,ankhmar are included in this edition can’t find the novella on its own. There’s a great humanity painted i Fantasy feels dominated these days by old school LOTR copies or hypercynical grim dark fantasy in which everyone is a jerk and I have no one to root for. Retrieved 7 December Lists with This Book.

Ill Met in Lankhmar Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser faced each other across the two thieves sprawled senseless. What lankhmsr do with Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser in a Campaign? Lankhhmar about with the natural order of things carries heavy consequences. Recognising kindred spirits, they agree to share the loot. Each discerned something inexplicably familiar in the other.

The Hatchery of Dreams. Leiber’s capacity for endless self-reinvention and productive self-examination kept him, until his death, one of the most modern of his sf generation.

The Gray Mouser is a former wizard’s apprentice turned thief. People of Nehwon – S. This article needs additional citations for verification.

A good entry point to a prominent Sword and Sorcery series, one that while starting slow, does leave the reader wanting more. As bravos but also rather determined free spirits, Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser consider the Thieves’ Guild in the city of Lankhmar to be dangerously well organized, indeed so powerful as to constitute almost an unofficial mer shadow government within Lankhmar.


Review by Robert Wilfred Franson. Totally dated, rather one dimensional characters, good twists, and fun characters, I liked it. People of Nehwon – M. Who becomes upset at the prospect of this ridiculously easy exploit, when all of us know ni all of them, even Krovas and his ruling clique, are but pygmies in mind and skill compared to me or Fafhrd here?

Ill Met in Lankhmar by Fritz Leiber

For my money, the better stories in this first collection include The Howling Towerthe Lovecraftian The Sunken Landthe amazingly original Claws from the Night in which the fine ladies of Lankhmar take to wearing bird cages around their heads and it all makes perfect sense, and The Bazaar of the Bizarre. The Dealings of Daniel Kesserich. These books have been available at different times, in different editions over the years, sometimes with different titles.

Jun 04, Gary Hoggatt rated it it was amazing Shelves: They are initially successful, but their disguise comes unstuck when their glib story is seen through by Krovas, Grandmaster of the Thieves, and the Beggarmaster.

Ill Met in Lankhmar

Somewhat drunk, Mouser persuades Fafhrd to join him in a quest to infiltrate the headquarters of the Thieves’ Guild, in the guise of members of the Beggars’ Guild. Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser.

High that I started reading them. People of Nehwon – K.