I was looking in MagickCore::CompositeOperator but i didn’t find flatten operator. Something like backgorund i found, but how to do gray50?. That’s what “-flatten” does. It takes a sequence of images, composes them one at a time against the previous image(s), taking transparency into account. As nick said, the function Imagick::flattenImages() is deprecated. Replacing it by Imagick::mergeImageLayers(Imagick::LAYERMETHOD_FLATTEN) partially.

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Floodfill changes the matte value of any pixel that matches the color of the target pixel and is a neighbor, whereas filltoborder changes the matte value of any neighbor pixel that is not the border color —bordercolor.


The Mitchell filter is used if the image supports a palette, supports a matte channel, or is being enlarged, otherwise the Lanczos filter ikagemagick used. Consider the target pixel as that specified by your coordinate.

See Geometry vs Page Offsets for more details. If the —coalesce option appears after all of the input images, all images are coalesced.


Use this option to affect the preview operation of an image e. By definition, raster images have a rectangular shape. This option specifies the image resolution to store while encoding a raster image or the canvas resolution while imagfmagick reading vector formats such as Postscript, PDF, WMF, and SVG into a raster image.

This option is like —page but acts as an image operator rather than a setting. When used imagemagjck the identify utility, use this option to print information about the image in a format of your choosing. If the image size exceeds the PostScript page, it is reduced to fit the page. If a visual is not specified, the visual flattsn that can display the most simultaneous colors on the default screen is chosen. Both the image pixels and size are linearly interpolated to give the appearance of a meta-morphosis from one image to the next.


Use Arc to inscribe an elliptical arc within a rectangle. The default gravity for the —page option is NorthWesti. The color is specified using the format described under the —fill option. If the opacity threshold is omitted, OpaqueOpacity will be used and any partially transparent pixel will become fully transparent.

When the pixel cache reaches the memory limit it uses memory mapping. This is useful for combining Photoshop layers into a single image. This may result in larger-than-expected GIF files. Compression levels range from 0 fastest compression to best but slowest.

Email Required, but never shown. Similarly, using —type TrueColorMatte will force the imagfmagick to write an alpha channel even though the image is opaque, if the imagemagidk format supports transparency.

How to flatten a psd file. – ImageMagick

On the Imagemsgick Forum a user asked for a simple way to Append images with some overlap. However, if the image is x, it is rotated by degrees. If this profile exists in the image, then Photoshop will continue to treat the image using its former resolution, ignoring the image resolution specified in the standard file header.


It may be used to adjust the rendered size for desktop publishing purposes by adjusting the scale applied to the pixels. If filter-type is 5, adaptive filtering is used when quality is greater than 50 and the image does not have a color map, otherwise no filtering is used.

Use of lossless JPEG is generally not recommended. The t x and t y parameters subsequently shift the image pixels so that those that are moved out of the image area are cut off.

Specify root to select X’s root window as the target window. The image shares colors with other X clients. Is there some way to do it via the terminal? This will create a 3-D effect. Multiplies or screens the colors, dependent on the source color value.

Source colors overlay the destination whilst preserving its highlights and shadows. Questions and postings pertaining to the usage of ImageMagick regardless of the interface.

-flatten option use in ImageMagick – Stack Overflow

The actual replacement now that flattenImages has been deprecated is: Similarly, if only the height is specified e. The default is the compression type of the specified image file. Screening any color with white produces white. Screening any color with black leaves the original color unchanged.