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IMM E (09 – ). • Initial PR Card Application. • Replacement of a PR Card . • Renewal of a PR Card. Forms: Application for a Permanent Resident Card. Just about to fill the renewal application (IMM ) but somewhat unclear on these questions; # 2. Date you became a PR of Canada My. IMM E (). Contact Information Web site. For more information on the programs offered by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, visit our Web site at.

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Applicants themselves or members of their family may not certify copies of your documents.

VACs also offer other services in local languages. Check the box to tell us if you have ever been issued a removal order in Canada. Confirm your status in Canada before you apply. If you reside inside Canadathe Request form must be sworn in the presence of: Question 7 Write your date of birth in numerical format. We will ask you to destroy your old card after you get the new one. For more information see – Find out if your representative is authorized. Login error when trying to access an account e.

Question 4 Write your last name surname or family name and given names as they appear on your: Question 16 Write the city and province in Canada, where you became a permanent resident.

Compensated representatives charge a fee or receive some other form of consideration in exchange for the representation that they provide. We will only correct administrative mistakes made by the department in recording your personal information. Write the date you became a permanent resident of Canada.


Application to get, renew or replace a Permanent Resident Card (PR Card) –

Use of a Representative IMM Payment Issues No fee included or Insufficient Fees If you do not pay the full fees for your application s we will return your application s. Fill out the application Step 3: The permanent resident card PR Card is the official proof of your status omm a permanent resident in Canada.

54455 your contact information. If we ask you to come to a local IRCC office, you must bring your old card and the original documents of the copies you had included with your application. You will not receive a reply. Supporting documents may include: Check one 1 box to identify the colour of your eyes.

Expired PR Card – Permanent Resident Card – Discussion Forum

Either outcome may result in processing delays. Question 19 Your Address I,m PR Cards will only be mailed to post office PO boxes if this is your residential mailing address.

If you are a new permanent resident, you will automatically receive your new card by mail when you first arrive in Canada.

544 IRCC will only conduct business with compensated representatives who are in good standing with their designated regulatory body.

Your application will be returned to you as incomplete if: Fill in this section if you wish to cancel the appointment of a representative. Is your application urgent? Authority to certify international documents varies by country.

Application to get, renew or replace a Permanent Resident Card (PR Card)

The copy should show: A clear and legible photocopy of one 1 of these: Question 20 Your Work and Education History: Section A — Applicant Information. Section G — Declaration of Applicant. Go to Online Payment. Question 17 Check the box to tell im if you have ever been issued a removal order in Canada.


Sign up for email updates on changing your sex to X unspecified.

Expired PR Card

We may ask for more documents at any time while we are processing your application. We will start processing your application after we get your biometrics. If you know which IRCC office is processing your immigration or citizenship application, send the completed form to the office mailing address. Accompanying a permanent resident outside Canada. Our quality assurance program randomly chooses applications for a special review.

If your PR Card is still valid for more than nine 9 months daysdo not apply for a renewal, unless your legal name has changed. Question 6 Check one 1 box to identify if you are male or female. Question 23 History of Entries to Canada: If your application is properly completed and you meet the requirements for a PR Card If you gave us a valid email address, we will send you an Acknowledgement of Receipt AoR of your application; you will get your card in the mail or a letter from us telling you when and where to pick up your card.

To qualify for urgent processing, you must demonstrate that you need your PR Card within the next three months for one of these reasons: If your foreign passport shows the requested sex designation, you must submit these documents:. You must meet the residency obligation to get a PR Card. If you are applying to replace a damaged card, send the damaged card with your application.