MicroStrategy Intelligent Cubes – Learn MicroStrategy starting from Overview, Environment Setup, Desktop, Architecture, Components Overview, Importing data . You can create Intelligent Cubes and publish them as a shared data source for the users to build reports from. Intelligent Cubes provide the fast response time. Intelligent cubes are multi-dimensional, in-memory copies of data that can be queried and accessed by many different documents and reports. Basically, the.

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These reports allow data to be returned from the data warehouse, stored in Intelligence Server memory, and then shared among multiple reports. Because Intelligent Cubes must be loaded into memory to be used in reports, they can use a great deal of system resources. Make sure your report designers are familiar with the Intelligent Cube design microstratefy practices found in Governing Intelligent Cube Memory Usage.

  ATEN CL-1208 PDF

You can also restrict the number and size of Intelligent Cubes that can be loaded at once. For instructions, see Results Processing.

Intelligent Cubes: Dynamic Sourcing vs View Reports – Bryan’s BI Blog

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MicroStrategy – Intelligent Cubes

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MicroStrategy Intelligent Cubes

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