Lurulu is a science fiction adventure novel by Jack Vance, his last book. It is the followup to Son of the Tree; “Monsters in Orbit”; “The Brains of Earth”; ” Rumfuddle”; “The New Prime”; “Men of the Twelve Books”; “Noise”; “Ullward’s Retreat”. Wrapping up my three-part overview of Chateau d’If and Other Stories, the Underwood-Miller collection of Jack Vance pieces, this article covers. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License. Title: Rumfuddle Title Record # Author: Jack Vance Date: Type: SHORTFICTION.

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It is vaguely described, but given the discoveries of time about whales and dolphins communicating with each other, does not seem wildly implausible. Initially the portals were used to solve social, economic and other problems, but some people are now using the portals for entertainment purposes and even mischief.

It is all done with humor with a memorable character who is as difficult as any boot camp sergeant. The thought of owning such a place intrigues him and then Ullward buys part of the planet, or rather, he leases part of the planet. Has all of this access to information—and each other—led to a more enlightened, humanist understanding of ourselves? The Dragon Masters [short story].


Rmfuddle, if I understand correctly, travel to past is always to a parallel earth rather than ours. Hugo Best Novella nominee Can someone own the mountains? At the end of his workday, Gilbert finds himself isolated in a different way: Volume 2 omnibus The Demon Princes He trudged through the haunted Cupertino forest, preoccupied my the strange and inconvenient event which had befallen him.

Raight should be on the raft for the shift change, but Fletcher discovers that he is nowhere to be found. The Men Return [short story] Open Preview See a Problem?

The things we find when digging into these stories! To ask other readers questions about The Best of Jack Vanceplease sign up. Matamarrano rated it really liked it Jun 23, It has The Best of Jack Vance, first published inis a collection of three novellas and three novelettes vanve were written between and One fine day, Gilbert finds the portal back home “closed” when returning from work. There is a sentence in the rimfuddle that could cause riots in some Muslim countries.

One of my favorites reviewed at Tor. Vance goes into detail with how this works, but that is not the book’s strength to me His use of language and dialogue may rub some people the wrong way, but I got a kick rumfuddlw of it.

The Best of Jack Vance by Jack Vance

This leads to an investigation of both the dekabrach and a enterprising ship captain named Ted Chrystal, who had been a Bio-Materials scientist. World Fantasy Lifetime Achievement nominee Liane the Wayfarer But when something is given to us for free, we become the resource.


Abercombie Station is a detective story, exploring the ins and outs of one crazy family.

This site uses cookies. You are commenting using your WordPress. Hugo Best Novellette winner Turhan of Miir The Meks defeat all castles except the largest and best defended one called Castle Hagedorn. There’s something about the tone of the stories that makes it seem like he’s not taking anything too seriously. The Killing Machine 3.

The Best of Jack Vance

To see what your jac thought of this book, please sign up. I like my Gilberts. His three daughters go to school via wormhole to a more civilized place, but home is where he and his wife Elizabeth make their life. Jack Vance John Holbrook Vance – Monday, April 9, Jack Vance’s “Rumfuddle” novella, mystery: There was another one called The Killing Machine.

But this time, I really appreciated the tone.

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