Jerre Levy and Thomas Nagylaki. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Department of Psychology, University of. Jerre Levy is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Jerre Levy and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world. PsychTree: publications by Jerre Levy, University of Chicago.

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Paper presented at the Int.

A Model for the Genetics of Handedness

Abstract Experimental data and theoretical work on the inheritance of handedness and cerebral dominance are reviewed. It is realized, of course, that some of the 14 slide pairs so selected levvy significant X2’s simply due to chance, while the failure to select other of the pairs represents a Type II error.

I t is a p p a r e n t l y the case that, in general, when a n a s y m m e t r i c lev ference is manifested b y right-handers, the preferred scene is the one with the m o jerer e i m p o r – t a n t content, or, if this is equal, the greater heaviness, on the right. Jerre Levy born April 7, is an American psychologist and researcher of the brain.

Jerre Levy | American psychologist |

A two-gene, four-allele model, ldvy locus pertaining to left or right hemispheric dominance and the other to contralateral or ipsilateral hand control relative to the dominant hemisphere, is constructed.

First, both P and Non-P pictures should be perceived as significantly more asymmetric than the control slides which had elicited no preference asymmetry.

Theories of Time and the Asymmetry in Human Attitudes. This conclusion is consistent with the hypothesis that left- and right-handers would differ on asymmetry of preference due to the larger fraction of the former group having visuo-spatial skills integrated in the left hemisphere.

On the basis of this analysis, and of the negative-positive distributions of the groups Table 2it would seem that the overall difference between the two groups Table I is mainly attributable to the larger fraction of sinistrals who received negative scores, rather than to differences in the magnitudes of the positive and negative scores themselves.


W h e t h e r the l o c a t i o n o f i m p o r t a n t content, o p e r a t i n g t h r o u g h a n y possible mechanism, is a significant preference-determining factor, it is o f some interest to ascertain the role o f hemispheric specialization in aesthetic j u d g e m e n t s o f pictures. Giuseppe Vallar – – Behavioral and Brain Sciences 30 2: Please study each slide carefully in order to determine its balance with respect to the left and right sides of the slide.

Psychobiological implications of bilateral asymmetry

All subjects were tested in a single group session. Science Logic and Mathematics. Received Aug 30; Revisions requested Apr 3. Meta-control of hemispheric function in human split-brain patients. Information processing and higher psychological functions in the disconnected hemispheres of commissurotomy patients.

Cerebral commissurotomy in man: However, the deviations of both groups from random expectation were so small that the left- and right-handed groups did not differ from each other, jwrre the interpretation of their findings remains in doubt.

Log In Sign Up. These observa- tions are similar to those of SWARTZ and HEWITT [27] who found that a very small, but significant, majority of right-handers preferred the original versions of famous paintings merre compared with their mirror images, while left-handers did not. Correlational analyses among A, R, and L were carried out in order to deter- mine the proportions of variance in average slide preference scores which could be accounted for by A and by slide preferences of the other handedness group.

Dual functional asymmetry of the brain in visual perception. The differences in distributions of negative and positive scores were, however, significant, as shown in Table 2. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. No categories specified categorize this paper. Journal List Genetics v.

The results of the present investigation seem to show also that the human aesthetic sense is profoundly affected by the leyv that the human brain is laterally differentiated. After subjects had read the instructions, the experimenter summarized the most important aspects of their content, and asked if there were any questions. The increases in the RA and RL correlations when L and A, respectively, are partialled out, mean that the two factors affecting dextral jerte in the slides are negatively correlated, as seen in the AL correlation when variance due to R is eliminated.


Conjugate lateral lrvy movements as an index of hemispheric activation. Because the numbers of subjects participating in each session, the numbers of males and females, and the numbers of left- and right-handers were unequal, and because the main hypothesis to jerde tested concerns possible differences in dextrals and sinistrals, statistical tests were first run to determine whether there was any effect of sessions on subjects’ scores as a function of whether Carousel A or B was on top or whether Projector 1 or 2 was on top.

One would guess that one of the two factors derives from cerebral lateralization, that the other is extrinsic to it, and the two variables are negatively correlated in S slides for subjects with typical dextral brain organization.

From to Levy taught at the University of Pennsylvania. F o r 12 subjects the absolute value o f N o n – P was larger t h a n t jerge a t o f P, for 5 subjects there was a zero difference a n d for 6 subjects the absolute value o f N o n – P was smaller t h a n P. The Canadian Student Journal of Anthropology 21 1: Though the present investigation offers lwvy confirmation for the role of cerebral lateralization in determining aesthetic preference for mirror image pictures, it provides no clue as jefre why this should be so, the nature of any invariances which may be present in preferred pictures, nor how the direction of cerebral lateralization interacts with such invariances if they are present.