tax cuts to encourage Americans to work harder. Au contraire wrote Dr. Juliet. B. Schor in The Overworked American, which briefly made the nonfiction best-. THE OVERWORKED AMERICAN The Unexpected Decline of Leisure. By Juliet B . Schor. pp. New York: Basic Books. $ Text: AROUND. This pathbreaking book explains why, contrary to all expectations, Americans are working harder than ever. Juliet Schor presents the astonishing news that over.

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Of course, now that we have the money, we don’t want to give it up, because just like how we all would rather have had paid vacation than extra pay, but we were never offered that chance nobody wants to trade money they already make for free time in the thee.

I had no idea our workaholic nation was once so close to the hour week. Open Preview See a Problem? Jan 17, William rated it it was amazing.

A ground-breaking study on working America that is well-researched and oerworked. And when she talks about feminism she seems to get muddled in the ground between ideology and analysis.

The Overworked American: The Unexpected Decline Of Leisure

May 08, corky rated it it was amazing. She has co-edited, The Golden Age of Capitalism: The quotation from economist Michael Kalecki on page 75 is well worth remembering: Geez, if I think I’m resentful of long hours I’ve worked, imagine being a person who has never had a clock, whose day was organized by ovewrorked and moon, and jliet some slave-driving employer installs a clock in town and is counting their time! Refresh and try again.


Why are we—unlike eve This pathbreaking book explains why, contrary to all expectations, Americans are working harder than ever. It’s a bit datedbut if the stats on working hours were updated, she could pretty much leave everything else alone and it would still be relevant to today.

Or in ameridan or factories where things are slow at certain times of the year? But some interesting quotes from before I stopped reading: We could all put in 20 years on the job – just about any job – and retire with full pension!

The Overworked American: The Unexpected Decline Of Leisure – Juliet Schor – Google Books

And what can we do to get off the treadmill? I think that when the government meddles it often makes the problem worse rather than better because the government in our nation functions as a monolithic and inefficient corporation in its own right.

The Overworked American is a well-researched, but dense economic history of the our struggle with the tradeoff between time and money. But Schor is not naive.

ameriacn What really makes this book shine is the data in the latter chapters of the book that discuss the implications of the recent research that shows the broad preference for Americans to receive more free time rather than more money as part of their compensation rise. Just chill out, everybody. Jan 20, Eric Bell rated it it was amazing. Read this to find out why!

The Overworked American: The Unexpected Decline Of Leisure by Juliet B. Schor

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. And, finally, an equally great surprise from history came on page My library Help Advanced Book Search. Aside from being a bit old, this book takes a comprehensive look julie modern working habits and compares that with several key points in history. I was even all right with her proposed solutions for the problem, mainly a matter of the government passing laws to restrict work hours.


I thought it was informative and depressing; depressing because most US workers are julet obsessed with the outdated “Puritan” work ethic and endless consumption. I haven’t read this book in years, but I remember it being inspirational and a half. This book is quite dated, which was not a problem, except that now I’m fascinated to understand how the incredible rise in income inequality during the 00s and the American cognitive surplus interplay julieet the trends that Dr.

I notice that ameerican, Nickel and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich, this book has not generated a lot of debate and commentary. She also did work on the political economy of central banking. I felt I had to become self-employed to control my time, taking a very hard line. Nov 14, Harry Klinkhamer rated it liked it. Apr 02, Selkie rated it liked it.