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You should see my tabs in firefox, just for Hilagana, language exchange, flashcards, worksheets, etc. You can also do what tsep people do, and study using the JLPT order.

I have been able to retain and use Hiragana on simple words. Practice writing and saying the sounds. Loving the 24 hour clock? The plan was “Learn Kanji, then use it to lean grammar from another website. So far in one and a half weeks. The method so far is. Now when I look at Kanji I can not see a logical progression so Kaanji kinda stumped.

Learn Japanese Forum – Learning Kanji logical order.

If there gakishuu something I don’t remember. Thats about it so far. I recommend the first version over the second kanken version. The grades roughly introduce kanji in order of simplicity, usefulness, and frequency.


Kanken 9th Class Kanji Learning Step Type Japanese Language Test Book Japan

But I really like the whole “Learning the most used. But haven’t bought it yet. Or is that in Kanji Power? If you still have an interest in pursuing the language when you get back, then you can try something like Heisig with Kanji Odyssey, and still become proficient with the writing system relatively quickly. Where do I start? But for Hiragana its in a kani order. Its method for individual characters isn’t explicit but there is an underlying logic to how the characters are introduced.

Learning without a class is hard.

That gakshuu, you’ll be exposed to them more and become faster at recognizing them. Learn how to greet someone both formally and informally. But I have learned more because of it. There are definitely diminishing returns when learning kanji. I see a number of people doing this using Kanji Odyssey order on smart. What do you think of these studies? But I could use some tips still.

Then flashcard myself to death. You’ve finished everything on your pathway.

Start Your Free Trial. A specific kanji test worth looking at is the kanken, although it’s hard to find a test centre outside Japan. I’m just finishing up Hiragana.


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It’s taken me three years to get to a level where I can read fairly comfortably as far as my vocabulary allows. Dictionary View All Dictionary Results. If that’s too much of dtep nuisance just change certain programs to Japanese.

But it’s geared towards Japanese school children not foreign learners. I just looked at Kanji Power today. Admin TeamModerator Team. The learning materials are useful though. When I read about other people’s levels on that forum I mentioned, it’s quite frustrating that I’m so behind Im hoping to be able to have simple conversations by September.

Why not use the proper test. I think I have found my answer.

What are your thoughts? Thought it looked good. JLPT sounds like a good idea. If I may ask, what is your main method of study? The Gakushuu Kanji are probably a better intermediate goal for second language learners. But I also know this next step is much more involved and complicated. Use this japanese phrase.