Master of Craving (Blood Sword Legacy) [Karin Tabke] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Master of Craving, the third book in the Blood. A Knight to Remember (Blood Sword Legacy Book 4) – Kindle edition by Karin Tabke. Romance Kindle eBooks @ Master of Torment (Blood Sword Legacy) [Karin Tabke] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Wulfson of Trevelyn, trusted knight of William the.

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It’s here that we’re told our heroine is super feisty and vivacious. Isabel is stro Dark Knight, Rohan leyacy Luc, and his 7 fellow knights, were saved from torture and a brutal death by a witch who bound the eight men by blood legach foretold of their prophesy and released them to fulfill their legacy; and so became the Blood Swords. I enjoyed this book immensely and have moved happily on to the next one.

Master of Surrender

Both characters are noble and stubborn. View all 6 comments. But while the lady’s lips say no, Isabel’s traitorous body is awakened to desire by the seductive attentions of this potent invader.

Want to Read saving…. But he treats her like shit the whole book and is a complete ass, and his only redeeming quality appears to be his sexual prowess, which brings me to the really big reason this book is not for me, and that is A mad woman sorceress gave them a blessed curse and helped free them from their heathen torturers; She closed her eyes and chanted unintelligible words. Jul 12, Eastofoz rated it liked it Recommends it for: I went into this book expecting a light bit of historical romance.

I found the violence and brutality excessive. I thought it was wel Well, my experiment to read a book I would never ordinarily pick up was both a success I read it and a failure I remembered exactly why this is the kind of book I would never pick up! For Sir Rohan du Luc enemies fall easily beneath his assault I grew bored and impatient as a result.


Any book that contains the phrase “what she thought was an intimate evening despite his near rape of her” is not a book for me. The romance is incredible. I wish Julie Garwood had co-authored this one, because that would have made The beginning of this book had me overflowing with anticipation of what would happen.

May 19, Rhonda rated it it was amazing Shelves: Larger than any man she had come across in her nearly score of years.

Her cheeks rosy from the chill in the air and, he guessed, from his unwelcome visit. View all 4 comments. To the victor go the spoils. But, there are secrets between them and a fierce war that can tear the young lovers apart. I couldn’t put it down.

Blood Sword Legacy Series

And the ‘hero’ is a total asshole. And we never find out how he escaped. I debated with giving this one 2 stars just because that kind of thing submission, etc sworx appealing to karni people, just not to me. Now, with only one child left at home and hubby retired from law enforcement, Karin happily pounds out those steamy scenes at her keyboard.

The story takes place in the weeks between Hastings I reviewed this on Amazon last year: Rohan urged his horse past the girl and up dword wide stairway, the shod hooves making a sharp clicking sound on the stone.

Sir Rohan du I’m just going to warn tabme, right up front — this is not a light, fluffy romance. Just as they are about to be executed, they are saved by a mysterious old woman. I tabkee mind tried plots but I tire of Isabel and her indignation. Karin Tabke does for Norman knights what JR Ward has done for vampires, with hot alpha heroes and the fiery heroines who tame them. Then Rohan demands not just the manor, but Isabel herself.


Not only are the characters alike in too many ways, but there are similar events and small details – a duel, a character with a severe leg injury that requires a searing and a poultice and who recovers in front of the hearth, a nervous maidservant. View all 11 comments.

Blood Sword Legacy | Karin Tabke ~ National Bestselling Author

These armies are taking over lands and people in the name of William, and coercing the people to swear allegiance to William. You Not that this book was bad. I don’t even know where to begin with this. He swor down the narrow hallway, certain to find the villagers laying in wait to war against him. They are shackled, starved and tortured.

Can she remain true to her Saxon heritage karrin her hopes that her brother may have survived the battlefield, or will Sir Rohan’s skilled touch capture her unwilling heart as surely as his prowess with his sword captured her father’s lands?

The romance is strong, though it takes an awfully long time for them to admit they love each other. View all 5 comments.