Knightmare Chess is a fantasy chess variant published by Steve Jackson Games (SJG) in Knightmare Chess is played with cards that change the default rules of chess. The cards might change how a piece moves, move opponent’s. Multiple variants are included in the rules. Integrates with: Knightmare Chess 2 Number of Cards French First Edition: 72 Cards German First Edition: 51 Cards. Multiple variants are included in the rules. The edition of Knightmare Chess includes the cards from both Knightmare Chess and Knightmare Chess 2.

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A game of Knightmare Chess never bogs down. The American version of Tempete sur l’Echiquier.

Do you go for a lot of low-point cards, or just a smaller number of high-point cards? White now chooses a card, and takes his turn. How do Pawns on the cheds rank move?

Knightmare Chess (third edition) | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

Apparently others can’t either, even those who don’t know chess well. Stalemate by repeated position is determined only by the state of the board, and is not affected by changes in the players’ hands. The name, “Knightmare Chess” is also pretty stupid. A cuess 80 card expansion called Series 2 was scheduled for a December release. Yes to both, again because capturing is impossible. I have been vhess for around 15 years knghtmare get this ability to play with my friends knigthmare the net.


This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. I enjoy games which actually have a story to them. You will always have one card, and only one card, as you begin your move. Discarding an end-game card nearly always causes regrets later — don’t do it if you can possibly avoid it. This is because your opponent probably has enough escape-hatch cards to get out of your traps.

What if you draw three or four of these in your initial draw of five cards? In SJG’s version, each card is marked with a point cost.

Knightmare Chess – Wikipedia

Views Read Edit View history. What cards can affect Crabs or Princes?

Glad you guys are enjoying it! Even so, at the end of the day it is a good game and one well worth checking out. But there are cards. Knightmare chess rules, anyone?

What happens to promoted Pawns? Check, Checkmate, and Stalemate Section 2: For a balanced game each player uses the same point total, or a stronger player can use a lower point total as a handicap.


Don’t think of them as lost soldiers, but as paratroopers waiting to be dropped on the board on a later turn.

One card might make your knight move like a bishop for one turn, and another builds a permanent wall to stop enemy pieces! This variant makes for a very nerve-wracking game, as you can see in advance what your opponent can do to you, and you hope he doesn’t see the same possibilities.

Knightmare Chess

Saying “King” has no effect, as usual. When the back rank is reached. There are no dice. By the transformed pieces rule, they can be affected by cards that name the original piece.

Knightmare Chess Steve Jackson Games publishes in Summer a translation of the French Tempete sur l’Echiquiera set of cards, to be used in combination with a chess board.

I understand that by now there are 3 oficial decks, is there anyway besides actually buying the game to find out what the decks contain.

Steve Jackson asked me this in December, The Harmonizer Jul 9,