read the help section on adding an animation to your web page. Tutorials and More Help Topics. You can view examples created with KoolMoves by going to. KoolMoves and KoolShow, Html5 animation software, combine ease-of-use with powerful effects for creating high quality Html5, GIF, AVI, MP4, and SWF. Your Kool Moves movie can be placed on a web page within a layer with the background set to transparent allowing your HTML page background color, text.

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Fixed confusion with dialog popup when copying a button. Fixed an AS3 problem with using toString with an array variable. Fixed problem associated with morphing between scenes — problem was created by a prior fix. For example, if you shoot a video of a person against a blue screen background, you can make that person seem to float over a web page.

To obtain and learn how to configure the correct html code for use with this tutorial, open the Kool Moves Help file, click on the Search tab, and search for “Add to Web Page details”. Upgraded to latest Visual Studio for this compile.

Removed Libraries tabbed page in Preferences because no longer needed. Added menu item for importing swf file.

Added search capability to Movie Overview. Added custom javascript frame and button actions for CreateJS Html5 export. In the case of character animation, one frame would have the characters in koolmooves pose and the next frame in another pose. KoolShow is a version of KoolMoves that lacks Flash export. The clipart can be edited using the extensive drawing tools available in KoolMoves and KoolShow. Added option for different mouse wheel behaviors if there is a vertical scroll bar.


Fixed an issue with recast operation. Fixed Cursor Write On motion script to reduce cpu load. Fixed problem with replacing frame sound with same sound. Added links to support page tutorials for some of the context help pages. Added a skinned dynamic text scroll bar.

Html5 animation software | KoolMoves and KoolShow

Added additional export options. Changed upgrade software in Help menu so program plus libraries are downloaded in a single file.

It is set through right-click menu popup from the Timeline or through Motion Path property in Property pane. Added several more task specific hints. Fixed the display of the date corresponding to the end of free upgrades.

Fixed problem with typing in name of image file without an extension in file browser. Added additional run-time error testing. Koolmovea a code change that should dramatically reduce video card memory usage tied to OpenGL rendering but difficult to test if it tutorrial makes a difference.

Removed menu items for object library functionality if the system directory path to application data contains unicode characters and doesn’t correspond to the actual directory path.

Fixed font selection in Text Message Preloader. Fixed problem with initial display of scenes on navigation toolbar if scenes turned off in Preferences.

Fixed problem in exporting 8-bit slides and slides ooolmoves transparency in Slide Show component. Added a scrollable text box object for CreateJS Html5 export.

Updated download link for ImageMagick. Matrix3D intrinsic class previous Matrix3D file in necro folder should be deleted. Added SVG import capability to Html5 gui. Fixed koolmoes SVG import problems but more work is still needed. Fixed object selection issue introduced in version 2. KoolMoves has been designed by a professional animator to provide powerful selection and manipulation capabilities.

  GFL 2104 PDF

What’s new in KoolMoves animation software

Added support for package level functions. Fixed a backslash space escape sequence issue. Fixed bug associated with selection of multiple objects with Properties dialog open. Changed default export option for jpeg quality from 85 to Saved pivot point of rotation transform for each rotated shape. Fixed play wav sound from gui by turning off functionality. Added separate zoom in and zoom out icons. Added export option to place the canvas tag in a table cell. Fixed a number of minor AS3 export issues.

Fixed problem with sprite sheet files not being added to the list of required files. Added option to display larger icons on Tools toolbar. Changed default for movie tutoriial from true to false. Made minor improvements to some of the toolbar icons. Key frame scrollbar was eliminated but kolomoves it is strongly missed it can be added in a future version. Extended and improved motion path capability with the addition of curved quadratic motion paths, motion path segments, and auto orient for Html5 export.

Fixed morphing problem with Html5 export — when first occurrence of an object is not in the first frame. Implemented some minor changes when koilmoves opens for first time koilmoves.