Basic Combat Rules. The most important rule There has NEVER been a serious injury in this system of LARP – largely due to this rule. Take this rule seriously. The game rules are designed to be easy to learn so you can get into the action that much faster. Members can download a free PDF version of. After quite a bit of thinking, more delays than I really care to think about the beta version of the LARPBook open LARP Rules book is now out.

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Nerfed Up Larp Interview. Retaliation Character gains the ability to, once per combat, instinctively retaliate against the first wound they suffer.

The Nordic Larp Rulebook – Nordic Larp Wiki

Guards who are fighting without the benefit of an established formation may still spend the 10 seconds needed for formation and gain a 1 point shell for themselves. So tell me, Fengul Frond, will you help with this? For the Larana their word is their bond, nothing is more sacred than a promise.

If you want to be quietly subversive, if you want to learn ancient oral traditions, if you want to play as part of a large community above all else, if you want to fight from the shadows then Calakmel is the culture for you. Missions or modules are also common.

Babybells for the children. Once someone has decided to attack you they are rulbook the realm of what a Charm effect can change. During this time, they can be resuscitated if someone has the appropriate skill, consumable, lar; spell.

Not nearly as impressive as had been described to him, but what could you expect from mere rumors? Making spell packets, donating weapons, costumes, props, foodstuffs for NPCs or playersplot writing, etc. Generates a Shell 1 every hour for the Relic Warden.

This belief in the ancient and sacred is the faith of Moragon. Who would sacrifice a precious life for a such a brief vanity or relaxation?

Revealing Light Character may, once per day, reveal a concealed person or object. During this time, costuming, props, weapons and makeup will all be provided and each player needs to come dressed in solid black clothing.


Maybe you will survive. See armor rules for more details. They embrace the concept that a family is the people you choose, not to whom you are born. Any time a dragon appears in mythology, whether to help or hinder the hero of the tale, they always seem to be acting alone. Players that can not fight with a Rulebool Shield without Turtling or Charging will not be allowed to use them.

Rulebook Generator | Altera Awakens Fantasy LARP

The highest tier of each Ziggurat is reserved as the physical home of one of the First Ancestors. Druids collect recipes that provide general guidelines for general spell effects as well as studying how individual rare herbs can strengthen a Sachet in many different way. Some specialized effects ruleebook even allow for a living person Player to step bodily into the Astral plane. Magic takes magic to heal.

Our staff, players and volunteers are the best people all around and the events would not be possible without keeping in the Spirit of the Game. Most Alterans do not enjoy high courtly fashion on a daily basis and instead settle for simple tunics and tabards however, every Alteran has at least one set of finery ready to be put into use should the need arise.

The Nordic Larp Rulebook

Calakmites typically wear simple tunics of lightweight fabrics that are browns, greens, blues, and white most often.

If a ruling in combat is not agreed upon, there is a conflict between you and another player, or something else that could detract from the Spirit of the Game, please see a Marshal or a member of staff.

The wide and cloudless night skies allow for those whose Janti demands it to spend long nights watching the stars and the endless clockwork of the dark. This can be noted as hyperbole since there is no evidence of such a struggle ever occurring on Altera.

This can be a flat and does not require that damage be done to interrupt the process. Corkscrewing is the act of moving ruleboook a circular motion around a single opponent to constantly pivot or rotate on one knee. This is a dumb protective and will trigger without the character being conscious the first time that the correct type of effect is used. Retrieved from ” https: Herbs are represented by plant phys-reps with in game tags attached.


A Sachet that is never exhausted remains viable for the entire game.

Jackalope Live Action Studios: In the deep heart of the Ziggurats the old ways continue underneath the nose of the Alteran oppressors. In each city, six great terraced platforms rise from the jungle floor. The player must leave all in-play items and tagged phys-reps on the ground. But what will I lrp sympathy for thief?

Free to use LARP Rule Book

Healing Touch Character may, once per combat, use a single Rapid Recovery effect on another character. Their culture places a strict value on the female leaders of the families due to their ability to keep the family growing and all of the government decisions are left to female leaders, as the vast majority of the leadership are mothers.

When they do come up in village folklore, the terms Warlock, Witch, and Wizard are used interchangeably and they are always the villain of the story.

I fully expect to release future updates. While this does limit the folklore surrounding them, the consistency of that folklore in all nations is quite remarkable. You all will then wander around the town, attempting to destroy anything or anyone that gets in your way. Using weapons to block attacks and not get hurt in the process however is a bit more complicated. The details of these sacrificial rites are closely guarded secrets known to only a few.

These are Short Claw phys reps that are considered out of play unless they are in hand. He followed the trail for a mere five minutes before he came upon trouble.