The Lavochkin La-5 (Лавочкин Ла-5) was a Soviet fighter aircraft of World War II. It was a . Lavochkin’s Piston-Engined Fighters (Red Star Volume 10). Among the fighter aircraft thrown into the fray was the Lavochkin “LaGG-3”, and La-7 — as well as the “La-9” and “La” piston fighters of the immediate postwar . It could be distinguished from the La-5F by the fact that the La-5FN’s engine. Buy Lavochkin’s Piston-Engined Fighters: (Red Star, Vo.l 10) 1st Edition by Yefim Gordon (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low.

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It was the only plane in the war that could escort our bombers piston-enfined the way to Germany, outfight the German fighters, and then escort the bombers all the way home…you could say they single handedly won the war in Europe…. Soviet Air Force Fighters, Part 1. By July, Stalin ordered maximum-rate production of the aircraft and the conversion of any incomplete LaGG-3 airframes to the new configuration, now simply known as the La-5 despite Vladimir P.

The story continues with the legendary La-5 and La-7 which rendered sterling service during the war. I’m lenient in giving permissions, usually on the basis of being properly credited. This site uses cookies. By that time, Gorbunov and Gudkin had moved off the design team to other duties, with Lavochkin taking over responsibility for the LaGG-3, working at State Factory 21 in Gorkiy, which was to become the primary manufacturing facility for the LaGG Home Piston-engibed Us Help Free delivery worldwide.

This is an unusual feature in an aircraft, you could do anything on one engine, almost, that you could do on two.

Although a list of defects was uncovered, a batch of at least 25 machines was ordered for service evaluation. It also depends lavochkinn altitude.

Visit our Beautiful Piwton-engined page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. Book ratings by Goodreads. It proved competent at destroying Nazi bombers and proved a very good ground-attack aircraft, its armament being powerful and the aircraft being generally highly resistant to battle damage. Design changes for main production La-5 models included slats to improve all-round performance.

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However, initial production was at State Factory 23 in Leningrad, with plans in place for production of the LaGG-3 at other state factories in Tallinn, Novosibirsk, and Denpropetrovsk. A quantity of “hybrid” UTI La-9 trainers were built with the La powerplant installation, but otherwise featuring the lighter La-9 airframe; these machines have sometimes been incorrectly labeled with the designation of “LaUTI”.

The first of two I prototypes, painted cherry red, flew for the first time on 30 Marchwith A. At one point during the month, they had fourteen aircraft simultaneously unserviceable with engine failures.

Lavochkin’s Pistonengined Fighters

At least one La-9 is still flightworthy, taking to the sky as an airshow “warbird”. Retrieved from ” https: Had the war lasted and the high-flying B been committed to Europe then this aircraft would have been its nemesis. Four other La-7s were lost pizton-engined non-combat causes, mostly related to engine problems. The first production machine, made in Leningrad, took to the air in Decemberwith the first Gorkiy-built machine following on 23 January One cause was the lower position of the engine air intakes in the wing roots of the La-7 which caused the engine to ingest sand and dust.

This document provides a fighteds and description of the LaGG-3, La-5, and La-7 — as well as the “La-9” and “La” piston fighters of the immediate postwar period. Sadly for the USAF later models of pistob-engined Twin-Mustang were powered by Allison engines rather than the superlative Merlin fitted to earlier examples due to increased royalties demanded by Rolls-Royce and performance was reduced as a result.

They simply followed the enemy home when they ran out of fuel and took them out on the way in or on the ground. For other uses, see LA-7 disambiguation.

Along with poor general production quality, there were a number of other serious defects:. During this time the new fighters made individual sorties and claimed 55 aerial victories while losing four aircraft in combat. Does anyone know if this is true?

The production machines had many deficiencies, failing to meet the performance of the LaGG-3 M prototype, and early combat reports did not show it greatly superior to German fighters. Views Read Edit View history.


Lavochkin La-5

The P increased its internal fuel tankage with an fuel tank aft of the cockpit and under the radio shelf. The bulk of the aircraft, however, were delivered in and saw no combat during the war. There was also a fit of the La-5F with the new Shvetsov M radial; the demonstrator had excellent performance, but the non-availability of the M made this item another non-starter. By that time, the general inferiority of piston-enginfd LaGG-3, particularly relative to the Yakovlev Yak piston fighters, was placing its future in jeopardy, with Yakovlev lobbying to take over plant capacity for the production of his aircraft.

Captain Eric Brown, who flew both, sums it up rather neatly:. Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions Piston-engined fighters ruled the roost for thirty years.

Lavochkin’s Pistonengined Fighters : Yefim Gordon :

Other books in this series. When the prototype took flight in March, the result was surprisingly pleasing — the fighter finally had a powerplant that allowed it to perform as well in the air as it had been supposed to on paper. Late production machines had the three B cannon, as evaluated on the prototype.

WW2 Aircraft Fact Files: It was a development and refinement of the LaGG-3replacing the earlier model’s inline engine with the much more powerful Shvetsov ASh radial engine. It was perfected and had better maneuverability, acceleration, speed and climb rate compared to the early variants.

The era of classic fighter planes ended on a high-point with huge, powerful masterpieces. Wanting Something a little more exotic- try the top ten fictional aircraft. The La-5, as well as its predecessors, had been built mostly of wood to conserve strategic materials such as aircraft alloys. Given the haste in which the LaGG-3 had been designed and qualified, it wasn’t so surprising that the LaGG-3 was beset with teething problems. It also was fitted with a reflector gunsight and a gun camera in the wing.

The Sea Fury had everything a great fighter needs: