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Building code LBN „Fire resistance of buildings”, which sets reaction to fire classification for building products. Specific table added which determines. 4) Latvijas būvnormatīvi: LBN „Būvju ugunsdrošība”, LBN būves”, LBN „Dzīvojamo un publisko ēku apkure un ventilācija” u.c. Latvian Construction Standard LBN “Fire Safety of. Structures” adopted on 28 June [1], which do not prescribe the requirements for permitted.

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Moreover, our findings highlight the fact that high-level resistance to metronidazole may be easily induced in both nim -positive and nim -negative Prevotella sp.

In all cases, only one copy of the nimI gene was observed. Furthermore, Diniz et lb. Methods for antimicrobial susceptibility testing of anaerobic bacteria.

It should not be used with wooden parts which wear out very quickly, for example, with a wooden floor.

The description and photos are informative, operational changes are possible. This suggests that, as for other nim genes, the expression of nimI may be modulated by mechanisms other than those related to the presence of IS elements, although it cannot be ruled out that new IS elements that are not recognized by the primers used may be involved. Thus, the in vivo selection of a resistant subpopulation, which was responsible for treatment failure, was demonstrated and corroborated the previous observation that the initial isolate became resistant after prolonged in lnb exposure to metronidazole.


The susceptibility of colonies growing in the presence of the highest concentration was determined by the agar dilution method. This study is the first description of a new nitroimidazole resistance gene in P.

Microbiology Pt 4: In the present study, the review of the charts of patients with P.

Lining — a sawn wooden product, thickness and width are less than 75 mm. The paint can not be used in external works and in rooms with increased air humidity. We are very grateful to J. Chromosomal localization of this single-copy gene was demonstrated in all clinical isolates as well as in type strain P.

Moxifloxacin resistance is prevalent among Bacteroides and Prevotella species in Greece. Moreover, we showed for the first time that subpopulations exhibiting high-level 20-110 to metronidazole can be selected from both silent nimI -positive and nim -negative 201–10 sp.

These findings not only confirm that nim genes are not the only factors involved in the decreased susceptibility of Prevotella spp. Detection of nim genes and IS elements.

Enhanced pathogenicity of susceptible strains of the Bacteroides fragilis group subjected to low doses of metronidazole. Alauzet 201-1, 1 F. It has been reported that the selection of microbial subpopulations that are resistant to the therapy administered may lead to the failure of treatment for infections caused by different bacterial species, including Prevotella spp. Please review our privacy policy.


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Badly absorbing wooden surfaces should be smoothed and cleared. Bacteremia caused by a metronidazole-resistant Prevotella sp. All of these strains were genotypically identified as P. For 30 isolates, slowly growing colonies were visualized inside the inhibition zone of the Etest strip after prolonged incubation.

Wadsworth—KTL anaerobic bacteriology manual6th ed. For the calculation of the individual order or a discount, write in detail about the required sizes, parameters, quantity and additional accessories of the required product.

Nucleotide sequence accession numbers. Published online Oct 5. However, further studies with a larger number of strains are needed to confirm this hypothesis.

Fire retardant paint PROMADUR (Wooden structures)

The same nim gene was amplified from P. Colonies from within the inhibition zone were subcultured without antibiotic and were retested by the agar dilution method to determine whether the MIC had changed from its ,bn value.

This finding underscores the importance of a correct identification at the species level, at least for isolates responsible for severe infections.

Metronidazole resistance in Clostridium difficile is heterogeneous.

The time of drying depends on the type of a wooden surface, the temperature, the density of paint application and the air humidity.