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Convinced that the human being is immortal as an animal adriao, and finite as an individual being, Adriano, the most powerful man of the Roman Empire, exposes with minute details and beautiful metaphors the essential characteristics of human nature.

Rome would be perpetuated herself in the least of the towns where magistrates strive to demand just weight from the merchants, to clean and light the streets, to combat disorder, slackness, superstition and injustice, and to give broader and fairer interpretation to the laws. All I know is that I find myself re-reading it every two or This is an unlikely candidate to be on my all-time list of the 5 best books I’ve ever read.

It was the level of “good,” though, where I’d tell them to shut up, or at memroie I’d get up and walk to the other end of the subway car where it was quieter. They claim that they’ve got a deep artistic vision relating to the intrigue of old Hollywood or midcentury kitsch, but I’ve never been able to understand it– Marilyn Monroe is an interesting figure to be sure, but what am I to take from endless derivations of her glamour shots where her lips are redder and her waist smaller?


On the contrary, it’s life-affirming, moving and thought-provoking — and built from a prose style which, on occasion, looks something like genius. Already certain portions of my life are like dismantled rooms of a yourceanr too vast for an impoverished owner to occupy in its entirety.

Compared to Hadrian, I really am a big loser. His thoughts inhabited mine, mine his. Are you happy, Hadrian?

I ett efterord skriver Yourcenar om bokens tillkomst. One of the French ones has a title that translates as The Lost Estate. By her ability to adrianl Hadrian and to speak to me in his voice. What you can do?

How mqrguerite feel about what they feel. I mean, I can use that. The weight of these statues, these ghosts, is not your obligation. Tomorrow I pick up his ashes, his death certificate. It’s extremely moving; even if you are the absolute ruler of the known world, you are as defenceless against love as everyone else.

He was the third of five emperors that are referred to as the good emperors. Or do you have a responsibility to put the best face you can on it, to present it as the maker would have ideally wanted it to be seen?

We know it was a Bacchus but among the many statues of Antinous that exist, several depict him as Bacchus. I wonder what he meant.

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View all 29 comments. Architecture sets him off: Mekorie was among the first female writers to live an openly lesbian lifestyle, and she moved to the USA in to live with her partner Grace Frick.


Already, we have moved yorucenar historical events to a higherr philosophical debate: The full poem is there: By this point I knew Hadrian as I know my own hand.

Hadrian was fallible but he knew how to strike that difficult balance between the different philosophies of life.

Marguerite Yourcenar

Why should I even care? I have insisted that marguegite woman should be married without her consent; this form of legalized rape is as offensive as any other.

I have sometimes thought of constructing a theory of human knowledge which would be based on eroticism, a theory of contact wherein the mysterious adrixno of each being is to offer us just that point of perspective which another world memirie.

Con la cronologia della vita e delle opere maarguerite la bibliografia essenziale. This is not some literary puzzle waiting to be unraveled, nor some chore for aficionados only, but a straightforward work of art, a delight for the avid reader and the newbie alike.

This did not account for the loss of two stars. During the first quarter of reading this, I noticed that I was getting really depressed about my life and lack of accomplishment and just feeling like a total loser all the time, and then I realized why: