Le Ménagier de Paris a été imprimé aux frais et par les soins de la Société des Bibliophiles françois. Il en a été tiré vingt-quatre exemplaires sur grand papier. The Good Wife’s Guide (Le Ménagier de Paris). ‘You said that you would not fail to improve yourself according to my teaching and correction, and you would do. Le Menagier de Paris. After these matters it is desirable to tell you of various general terms relating to cookery of any quality, and then you will be shown how to.

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Le Ménagier De Paris

Cook your meat, then fry it in fat, then grind grain, ginger, etc. And note that in inverting it, it is appropriate to cut it open along its back, head and all, menabier turn it inside out, and put a lath between the two gills, then sew it up with thread and roast.

Take cooked peeled sweet chestnuts, and as many or more hard-boiled egg yolks and pork liver: Smells were everywhere; inescapable odors of excrement paria down the middle of the streets, unwashed humanity, and rotten meat. White Broth can be made from loach, carp and perch, in the way told above for poultry. And note that to make beet soup using milk of almonds, the milk should not be lee and for other soups or for drinking, it should.

Ménagier de Paris

Roast as well you can meat and fish, and dredge with parsley and vinegar, fish galantine, a white sauce over fish, and mesentery of calf or lamb. It should be scalded, prepared as above and eaten with green sauce, or put in a galingale?

Then grind up your bread, mixed with stock, and sieve the bread and not the spices, and add stock, the onions and fat, spices and toasted bread, cook all together, and the hare also; and be sure the broth is brown, sharpened with vinegar, mixed with salt and spices.

Trout are cooked in water with a lot of red wine, and should be eaten with a cameline sauce and should be cooked in chunks about two fingers thick. Chicks may be placed in pastry, back down and breast up, and broad slices of bacon on the breast; and then cover. The evening before, or early in the morning, take six calves’ heads without skinning, and scald them in hot water like a pig, and cook them in wine, and add a half-litre of vinegar and some salt, and let it boil until the meat comes off the bone; then let the heads cool and remove the bones.

Tough beef the same.

Le Ménagier de Paris – Wikipedia

Menaggier one loach you can eat half cooked in water, and the other half may be salted for one day or two days, up to eight days, but in this case it must be soaked to get the salt out, then it can be parboiled and then drained, then fried and eaten with yellow pepper. West Virginia University Press. At the sauce-maker, a quart of cameline for the dinner, and for supper two quarts of mustard.

Item, a “cretonnee” of new beans is made as you will find in the next chapter. You can add bacon water or meat stock, parls you must not add any salt, nor even the tip of the spoon, until they are well cooked; you can always stir them by moving the whole pot.


And this last sauce is called Saupiquet. As this meat is tougher than fawn or goat, it must be parboiled and larded all along it: George Soup, Parsley-laced Soup.

Gravelly Soup of loach or other cold or hot fish, be it perch or other of that nature. If a hare is taken two or three weeks before Easter, or at some other time when you want to save it, gut it and take out the entrails, then cut the skin on its head and break it, and make an menavier in the head and remove the brain and fill the hole with salt and sew up the skin: Pluck dry and leave the feet, and spit through the body: The work also provides a rich assembly of practical materials for the wife’s use and for her household, including treatises on gardening and shopping, tips on choosing servants, directions on the medical care of horses and the training of hawks, plus menus for elaborate feasts, and more than recipes.

Freshwater and saltwater fish, turbot mneagier cypress, chopped [18]crisp pastry, eels in a galantine. White beets, beef pies, olives and sciaenas, soup of hares and coneys, a pie of shad, coarse meat. White beet, beef kebabs, coarse meat, veal stew, marrow-bone soup. WOOD PIGEONS are good in winter; and you can tell the old ones by the flight feathers on the wings being all of one color black, and the young ones which are those of a year old by the grey color at the ends of the flight feathers and the rest black like the others and they are good in pastry, in a cold cameline sauce, or all hot in the river bird sauce, or roasted for a long time like beef and eaten with salt, or a la dodine, in pieces, on a dish, like river birds.

So it is now appropriate to demonstrate the mechanics of the above foods, but, first, you should know some general terms which you can gather more broadly by various additions from here and there in this book, that is to say thickeners for soups, such as bread, eggs, starch, flour, etc.

First you must put it in boiling water and take it out quickly and stick with cloves; put it on to roast, and baste with a sauce made of spices, that is ginger, cinnamon, clove, grain, long pepper and nutmegs, mixed with verjuice, wine and vinegar, and without boiling use it to baste; and when it fe roasted it should be boiled up together, And this sauce is called boar’s tail, and you.

At other times and most often you fry the raw leaves, and when they are well fried, add a little water, as though making a stock from the oil. The second section of meagier book, article five, contains the cookbook.

And when it is ready, sprinkle over it a spice known as red coriander and some seeds of the pomegranate with sugared almonds and fried almonds, placed at the bottom of each bowl. And if you want mwnagier make soup, you must put them to cook whole in a clay pot and set them to drain on a dish, then cut up in small pieces, and fry in bacon fat; then grind up first bread, then mace, galingale, saffron, ginger, clove, menagied, cinnamon: On a fish day, when the peas are cooked, you ,enagier have onions which have been cooked as long as the peas in a pot and like the bacon cooked separately in another pot, and as with the bacon water you may nourish and serve the peas, in the same way; on fish d, when you have put your peas on the fire in a pot, you must put aside your minced onions in another pot, and laris onion water serve and nourish the peas; and when all is cooked fry the onions and put half of them in the peas, and the other half in the liquid from the peas of which I spoke above, and then add salt, And if on this fish day or in Lent there is salted whale-meat, you must do with the whale-meat as with the bacon on a meat day.


As padis fresh loach left over from dinner, at supper you may have it minced. Then, have ginger, clove, and a little pepper, and grind it all together. As a result, The Good Wife’s Guide is eminently teachable.

Part 8 – Autres potages lians de char pages Meat pottages and broths. Item, wood-pigeons are good in winter, and you can tell the old ones in that the secondary wing-feathers are all black, whereas those of the young ones of a year old are grey and the remainder black.

Good cheese has six conditions. GENISTA is so-called because it is yellow like genista flowers yellow pagisand it is colored with egg yolks and saffron, and it is made in summer in place of broth and is cooked as will be told hereafter, except there are no onions.

Rich pasties 40, a stew of meat, beef marrow fritters, smoked eels, loach in water and cold sage soup, coarse meat and saltwater fish.

The job of the women is to make provision for the hangings, to order and tend them, and especially to prepare the chamber and the bed mnagier is to be blessed [46]. Note that always you must grind the spices first; and with soups, you do not sift the spices, and afterwards you grind and sieve the bread. You can find them at the end of May and in June. You need two more equerries for the dining-room sideboard [44]who will give out spoons and retrieve them: Also with fresh cod, if any part is left for the evening or the next day, chop it small and fry it in a little butter, and then take it out of the skillet, xe then pour off all the butter so none remains, and fry it again dry, and drip over it beaten eggs: Fresh beef tongue should be parboiled, skinned, larded and roasted, and eaten with a cameline sauce.

Part 7 – Autres potages qui sont a espices et non lians pages More pottages. Frumenty, venison, browned pzris, fish jellies, fat capons a la dodine, roast of fish, fried bread slices and meat tarts, jellied eels, crayfish, thin pancakes and little sausages.

And when it is cooked, it must be reclothed in its skin, and let the neck be nice and straight or flat; and let it be eaten with yellow pepper [72]. The head is cooked whole, in half water, half wine. Gurnet is the next largest, and both species are a tan colour.