Construccion de lecho nitrificante. Construccion de lecho nitrificante. Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor. English (US); Español · Français. Determinación del diámetro óptimo de zeolita para el asentamiento de bacterias nitrificantes en un reactor de lecho fluidizado para eliminar nitrógeno. Lo que se busca es la eliminaciÛn de los nitratos que contaminan las aguas empleando bacterias nitrificantes. El soporte que se emplea para que las bacterias.

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Once confirmed that no leakage or conduction problems occurred, 8 L of the synthetic industrial waste liquid were introduced within the column. Review native language verification applications submitted by your peers. This was loaded onto the column to achieve a fixed bed height of 15 cm.

L -1 that was reached on the fourteenth day. Environmental Pollutionpp.

Crushing and sieve analysis Nitrificantds receipt of the zeolite from the supplier, the grinding was started to obtain the required diameters 0. M and Heijnen, J. The pH value affects the nitroficantes conditions nitrificates a favourable physiological development of microorganisms, and also has a great influence on the inhibition degree of the nitrifying bacteria.

In this sense, there are works that use active carbon as the support, with a density lower than that of the natural zeolite [1]. However, experience showed that notwithstanding similar in a statistical sense, the best adhesion was obtained for 1 mm diameter and therefore this was the chosen size to be employed in the reactor construction. In response to the experience, a constant control of the reactor is required to achieve a good oxygenation.

Taller de LECHO Nitrificante

This decrease was followed by a slight increase following days. Above these two inlets two cross-placed diffusers ensured an even air distribution. Participation is free and the site has a strict confidentiality policy. Implementation of aerobic fluidized bed reactor After the adhesion test, the construction of the aerobic fluidized bed reactor based on the construction of Navarro and Palladino was performed using the zeolite of the most adequate diameter nitrificantfs.


However, this is not an acidic enough pH to avoid the life of microorganisms, so this diameter zeolite may perform its metabolic functions, but not optimally. The niyrificantes column had two side outlets located at 25 and 70 cm from the top. Int J Life Cycle Assess. L -1 due to the above mentioned cryptic growth stage.

English pdf Article in xml format Article references How to cite this article Automatic translation Send this article by e-mail. Firstly, with a total recirculation and later, when the recirculation rate was chosen, the feeding was started.

To avoid inhibition the pH value must be kept in the range from 7. Peer comments on this answer and responses from the answerer.

FISH Handbook for biological wastewater treatment: The COD experimented an important decrease from to mg. This height was set so that a significant liquid volume was above the bed of particles, thereby enabling work with different fluidizing speeds and thus different bed expansions. To build the fluidized bed reactor, the design proposed by Navarro and Palladino, was used with some modifications.

Received in revised form: The best removal was obtained for the 0. In conclusion, operating with a feed rate of 1.

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A similar lechso was observed in the 2 mm zeolite diameter case. Then there is a slight increase in the seventeenth day followed by a fall back to values similar to the one of the fourteenth day.

Graphs and results for each performed analyses are presented below. The treatment system of liquid effluents designed by Navarro and Palladino was tested, changing the activated carbon by zeolite as a microbial support. Therefore, the power of the diffusion pump was enough to overcome the gravitational forces acting on the particles to achieve the fluidization of the system entirely.


It must be noted that particles should not be fragile as because of their continuous movement they can collide and become fragmented, changing their fluidizing characteristics and thus making even more difficult the control of the bed expansion. Pozo-Antonio, received a Bs.

Lechos nitrificantes | Spanish to English | Architecture

L -1 was reached. The whole investigation takes three different stages: After the adhesion test, the construction of the aerobic fluidized bed reactor based on the construction of Navarro and Palladino was ntrificantes using the zeolite of the most adequate diameter [1]. This growth extends until not enough zeolite interstitial space was available for the bacteria. Author lefhos to give thanks to University of Vigo for the financial support given.

These ions are naturally present in the aquatic environment as a result of atmospheric deposition, surface runoff and groundwater, dissolution of geological deposits rich in nitrogen, biological decomposition of organic matter and nitrogen nitrificzntes by certain organisms [2].

I Microbes that reproduce by fission or by budding. Once the mini-digesters were filled and the aeration pumps connected, the system was allowed to evolve for five days. A first run was performed with water to verify the state of the seals and the general operation of each system component Fig.